Going Back To Work

Hi I had a WLE last August and since had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have now been given a Phased Return To Work Note and will be going back on part-time hours. I’m trying to find out whether I will be entitled to any holiday pay as I’ve got a holiday booked at the of June?

Occupational health or you union shouldbe able to advise. Iwas told I was still entitled to allmy missed holidays from the year I was absent.

Hope it goes well.


I think ‘new’ EU regs come into force here, which mean the minimum a full time worker can have is 20 days plus statutory BHols. This will may be 'pro rata’ed for the time you were off - not sure about that bit, this is where the fact it’s a statutory minimum comes in - I’m sure someone else will be along but what I’m trying to say is you should be OK!


Hi Joodles
There has been a change in the rules as a result of a court case which clarified the situation - you continue to accrue holiday entitlement whilst you are off sick. Previously it wasn’t clear if this was the case. So when I returned to work after 5 1/2 months off sick I was asked if I wanted to take the holiday, take pay in lieu, or carry some of it over into the next year.
I returned to work in January 2011, initially on reduced hours, gradually building back up to my normal hours over a couple of months. During that time I accrued the normal holiday entitlement that I would have received if working full normal hours.
Sarah x

I worked part time for the NHS and was off work for 6 months, when I went back I had accrued all my AL and after my phased return I used it to take a day off every other week until it was used up.
Do you have an HR dept where you work as they will be able to tell you whats what. Failing that try Citizens advice or McMillan. xx

I just went back to work at the beginning of May after being off for a year. When I went off sick I still had most of that year’s annual leave yet to take, I didn’t give it a second thought and just went off sick. Since I’ve been back my boss brought it up and said she would look into it for me. She came back to me today to confirm that I am entitled to all the annual leave I didn’t take last year, plus my full year’s entitlement this year. Hooray - holidays here I come!

So definitely make sure you get all you are entitled to. And have a brilliant holiday! We all deserve one xxx

I got payment in lieu for the time I hadn’t managed to take as holiday in the previous year 2010/11 (our year runs to the end of march) due to treatment and phased return, and leave carried in from the uncertain time of diagnosis before my actual treatment started, which had all been in the year before that, 2009/10, and it worked very well for me because it didn’t come through payroll till the april so my apparently higher income (due to the in-lieu payment) was split between two the tax years and I got to keep a lot more if it. Still accruing it now whilst off sick again, and when I do finally go (it’s been agreed I won’t be able to go back to the old job) I will be able to paid for this second accrual too, or add it on to my leaving date. Boss and team have been very helpful for me, so I hope this helps you too. Suggest you keep good records, as the taxman will be after us all!

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