Going off tomoxafen

I have been on this for just over 3 years and am wanting to go off to try for a family as im 39. I will go right back on it once I have a baby. I didn’t have hardly any side effects. My oncologist said whatever effects I felt going on I would have the same going off. I am fearful as this Tiny pill I take saves my life daily but I don’t want to throw my hopes and dreams of becoming a mother completely away without trying. 

Just wondering if anyone had awful withdrawal symptoms. (I know it’s so different for everyone) and if anyone in my age range had issues trying to get pregnant or if it took a long long time.

It’s taken me almost 4 years to post on here and feeling comfortable and confident to reach out and confide in others. 

Any feedback is so appreciated 

Sorry you are not getting responses to your posts Sophia . You may find someone who has been in a similar situation via the “ Someone like me “ service - they link people up with volunteers who have had similar experiences  . I will post you the link .x