Going on holiday

Hello all,
I am having chemo weekly and herceptin and perjeta every 3rd week.luckily I am coping really well and the only downside so far is not being able to sleep.i was wondering has anyone gone away on holiday during treatment.?i am only going for 5 days and not missing any treatment.

Hello Alfie,
Good to hear you’re coping well with your treatments. Holidays are really important and you will have something completely different to think about. You may even sleep better after a change of scenery.
For 5 days, you can have a lovely break not too far from home, treat yourself and return for the next treatment.
It could become a habit!

Hi Alfie. I finished my treatment of chemo Herceptin and Perjeta just over 6 weeks ago.(now on perjeta and Herceptin). I went away twice during chemo because i felt tired but well. I had something to look forward to and it did me the world of good. I didnt travel to far just a couple of hours drive. If your well enough and want to, go for it.x