Going on holiday

Hi everyone I’m a newbie so please bare with me. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer only a few days ago at 31 so obviously still trying to process what’s happening. I find out on Wednesday what my treatment plan is. I have a holiday booked to Orlando Florida in 2 weeks, what are people thoughts on this. Can I go? Should I go?

hi Annie,
Well first of all welcome to the forum, although sorry to see you here. In the sheme of things, going on holiday probably wont make a difference, some of us have at this stage.
Your team should be able to work round this, but obviously this will need to be discussed with them in case there are any implications that have to be considered. As you know, there’s also travel insurance to sort out.
Anyway, this stage is always a shock, so do come & chat on here whenever you need to. We’ve all been where you are now & are either at the stage you’re at or further down the line.
ann x

Hi Annie, sorry to hear you are going through this, I was diagnosed at the beginning of March (aged 40) and I understand how hard it is to process. I always thought breast cancer was breast cancer and now I have learnt about the different types and hormone status’ and how treatment is specific to the individual circumstances. When I was diagnosed I had a trip to Rome booked for 3 weeks later and I asked my consultant about it. It was only a 4 day trip but basically she said “do you want to go?” And I said “yes” and she said I should go then. She booked my lumpectomy for the day after I returned which was on Wednesday just gone. I honestly managed to put the bc to the back of my mind and managed to have a great time with my husband and 2 kiddies…I’m so glad I went. It is best to get the advise from your consultant because if they give you the nod it will be very reassuring for you. Also I contacted my travel insurance company thinking they wouldn’t cover me and they said it was fine and I was covered for the bc at no extra cost. Take care Lou xx

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. My nurse knows about the holiday and she said she would see what she can do. So I’m guessing they will try and work around it and if they can’t it’s down to my own good that I don’t go. Everything rides on my next appointment. Hope your feeling okay after you opp x

Hi AnnieA, my consultant told me to go on holiday. She said it would be better to worry in the sunshine than here. She also said to build myself up for the future - in hindsight for the crap that was to come. She was right as the days were very busy and the nights, when the worry goblins come out, manageable . I had a month away. Pathology took 2 weeks, and the team meeting was the following week, so I would be hanging around anyway. Went without insurance but it was in the EU. I am unable to get any cover to visit my son in Arizona who wants to pay for my airfare there before treatment starts. Hope this helps. Good luck. X

Thank you AnnieJ that’s a huge comfort for me at the moment. Wednesday feels like it’s years away. Fingers crossed I have the same results and I’m able to take my kids on a holiday of a lifetime before my treatment starts x

Hi Lou, we have a policy with our bank account at Barclays. The funny thing is when I rang them to tell them they took some details and I had to tell them I was also diagnosed with anxiety last year and on meds and they said I was covered for the BC but not the anxiety. I was quite happy with that. Hope you manage to get something affordable, I have seen a few companies that others have posted on some of these forums that may be worth a try. A holiday is the least we deserve after what we all have to go through. Sending you my best wishes xx

I’m due to go on holiday in june. All being fine and I don’t need chemo then I will still be able to go… if i have to go down the chemo route then I’m not sure if i will be able to make it! My BCN said she will do everything to help me whichever way! X id say if you feel well in yourself to go a holiday will do you good x

Thank you queenbee. I do at the moment feel generally well apart from abit of anxiety. My next appointment is on Wednesday when I’m hoping my treatment plan will be put in place. My BCN said she will do what she can to try and work around it but I guess it all depends on the results they are waiting for. We’ve been building our kids up to this trip to Disneyworld for the past 18 months it just breaks my heart that we might have to put it on hold :frowning:

Hi Lynda, I told my BCN about my holiday on the day I received me results (didn’t mention it before because I was told my lump was nothing to worry about) she told me to not cancel anything just yet but there’s no guarantee that they will be able to work around me x