Good evening,

I just had my op and waiting for result, but have been told to expect to start quemo, next, which has got me wondering, what is it like going through it at the moment, with the pandemic going on, how has it changed the whole process, do you have to shield for the whole number of months that you have chemo for, or have you been able to go out for walks, when possible.  I know its hard going through it , without covid added to the equation.  Are any of you, having chemo at home? what is that like? Im just trying to get an idea of what I have to come, so in a way to prepare myself mentally, I have in a way thought that it would be total lock down for the whole period while undergoing chemo, so trying to sort out things to get to have in the house to keep me busy.  I thank you in advance and wish you all a safe chemo journey, and thank you for any advice you can give me. xx

Hi Sarah 

I had my 3rd chemo yesterday and have another 13 treatments to go taking me to the end of November.

The only ‘advice’ I was given was, just be careful and remember you are vulnerable and do a mental risk assessment when planning any trip out of home.   But, for sure, listen to what you have been told by your team.

I am still going for daily dog walks with my partner, Walking with close friends (socially distanced and mask wearing) meeting friends in outdoor spaces/gardens and seeing my family in my garden often.  I just couldn’t stay indoors for 5 months, I couldn’t bear it. And the thought of not seeing my 3 little grandaughters…that would be too hard for me.  I have also been visiting my Mum for days ( she lives 2 hours away) so having to go into her house to use toilet etc… but try to go on days the sun is shining so we can be in garden lots.

It does worry me what is going to happen to chemo treatments when/if the 2nd wave of Covid hits the UK, last time they were caught on the hop, and I know decisions were made to stop treatments early as the risk of catching Covid and it’s implications, was greater than the benefit of continuing treatment.   So I’m just going to keep my head down, get on with it, and hope that I can get through to the finish line.  
I go every week for chemo for first 12 weeks… so that’s every Monday ( bloods and PICC line care) and every Tuesday ( treatment) … I reckon by the time I’ve walked the hospital corridors x 4 times each week, there is more chance of me catching Covid there than in my daily activities.

Good idea to make plans to keep busy at home! I have an embroidery project on the go, am decorating my bedroom ( well overseeing my partner paint the bedroom!) and project managing the fitting of my new kitchen ( by my partner, son and son in law).  It makes me wonder how I ever had time to go to work!

This is my 3rd primary breast cancer …different breast this time ( didn’t have chemo or rads last time) and everything is harder cos of Covid. I thought I would get fed up by myself on chemo unit as you have to attend alone now, but it’s actually been ok, I usually catch up on WhatsApp messages, watch a bit of TV or read.  That said, I’m only in there 3 hours as my chemo is only one hour ( just takes 2 hours for all the other bits! ) … if you are having a longer treatment it will be a bit boring on your own.  Also , first time you go is very daunting as you are unsure how you will react, and it would have been nice to have support, but it’s is what it is’ I guess.

Take good care Sarah, hope everything goes well for you

x x

Hello, I was diagnosed right around the time COVID hit so I have been doing chemo through this whole pandemic.  I go to the cancer center to have my infusions done, the only difference is when my mom went through this when things were normal lol…she could have ppl with her during treatments, doctors visit, surgery etc. Through this whole journey I have not been allowed to have not one person with me except for once and that in the very beginning when the COVID started before things shout down. Other than not being able to have company treatment is just the same as it was before, I normally do treatment in a room alone or I may have one battle buddy max.  Also as far as COVID you just have to be cautious, use proper hand washing, stay away from ppl who may be sick, avoid super large crowds, and wear your mask. I have been working the whole time while doing chemo as a NURSE during this pandemic, talk with your doctor and listen to his/her advice and I believe you will be fine.  I hope I helped answer your question. Best of luck!:slight_smile: