going to the loo

Hi I felt a bit nervous this morning it was my first fec and did seem to go to the toilet quite alot but Im at home now and still seem to have the urge to pass urine but its not much is this normal or should I contact my nurse any suggestions would be a help

Hi Mandy

If you are worried, you should definitely consult the nurse. It is possible that the FEC has irritated your bladder. It’s also important to drink a lot of fluids to flush everything through you.

Good luck

Ruby xx

Hi Ruby,
thanks for your comments I do drink quite alot but maybe I will step up the fluids and I will give the nurse a call just to put my mind at rest nothings ever easy is it or straight forward

Mandy xxx

Hi Mandy

you should definitely get your mind put at rest and no nothing has been easy or straightforward for me and for a lot of others out there.


Hi Mandy

I’d forgotten all about wanting to go to the loo all the time on FEC !! I think it is a side effect that when you need to go you got to get there fast and found myself running there many a time as it does irritate your bladder.

Hope this helps.

Liz xx

Hi Mandy,
I had EC same as you with out the F, although I had been warned I was not prepared for passing orange urine as soon as they finished the infusion, I nipped in the loo and there it was, amazing!!! it passed through so quickly, anyway getting back to your comments though I felt like I wanted to go frequently, sometimes more than others , def speak to nurse as you could get urine infection if bladder irritated, as others have said drink loads, and cranberry juice is good.
Let us know how you get on,
Take care
Dawn X

Hi Mandy

It was last August that I had this problem after the 3rd (of 6) FECs and feel it worth mentioning.

For no apparent reason, I kept needing to wee (very out of character). This then developed into a raised temperature, which led me to the chemo department for blood/urine tests to check my neutrophil count etc and sure enough, I had some sort of bladder infection AND my neutrophils were low and was hospitalised for IV antibiotics etc.

So if you think there is ANY chance you have an infection, or indeed get a raised temperature, do not hesitate to go to the hospital to get it checked out. I waited until 9 o’clock in the morning and got a real rap on the wrists for not going in at 3 in the morning when my temperature was 38 degrees. Time is crucial when your immune system has no resistance to bacteria, as it is when neutrophils are low.

Hope this helps and I wish you all the best.


Hi Mandy

Just to reiterate what forum members are saying. If you have unusual symptoms while on chemo it is always advisable to contact a health professional.

Best wishes


hi everyone thanks for all your comments have not been in the land of the living for the last week just to let you all know false alarm no water infection found just a little bit of blood in urine but that was fine ,have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and have now delevoped a taste for pineapple juice so by the time I have finished chemo my teeth will most probably need sorting out too lol,going for a wig fitting on monday with a good friend its free so I might as well get one as a stand by thinking of going short but for some reason my husband does not seem keen on the idea
let you all know how I got on xxx

hmmm teeth… hair… breasts. i think that covers most of our concerns!!! oh right and my bottom looks BIG??? like i care!!!

eat what feels good, drink what feels good and do the hair that feels right for you in wig. my hair was short anyway so i do short wig but people who have had longer hair wigs say that they moulted… and were irritating that way. i wear my wig at mo because too cold without scarf or wig but when it gets warmer i think i will go without - it is v itchy and i do hot spells…

but life is good!