Going with the rads

Saw oncologist yesterday decided to go with just rads could have had chemo but decided that as it could only offer me an extra 3 to 4 per cent of it not coming back the side effects and the fact there was no node or vascular involvement and a few other personal factors I’m willing to take the risk here’s hoping I’ve made the right decision my oncologist seemed to be very happy with that and like to think he would have said if it was really wrong fingers crossed staying positive :slight_smile:

Stay positive Loobyb, if the oncologist thought you should have had chemo I am sure you would have been told to have that. Had my lumpectomy and SNB and hoping (fingers and toes crossed) I only need Rads too. 11 days until I find out.
Sam xx

Good luck Sam hope you get the results you want unfortunately the waiting is the worst isn’t it? Have my planning meeting on weds finally not really looking forward to it really every appt just serves to remind me I’ve had breast cancer, smiling through tho onwards and upwards and thankyou for your reply samos :))

Waiting is definitly the worse bit. Today I had my dressing removed- wow think my BCC must also be a plastic surgeon. What a neat job he has done, cut half way round the edge of my nipple so there will be very little pronounced scarring. Do wish he could have taken a bit more of my ample boob out though so I got a free reconstruction!! Mind you would have had to have got the other side done too then!
Well until next THursday the only appointments i have are lunches and coffee with friends and camping at a Mod festival (luckily local so I can nip back for a shower).

Have a good week xx