Gone down at last

yippee, went for my 6th monthly check today and was sooo nervous. I notices the swelling above my elbow but actually thing the flabby bit under arm near surgery site has probably been there for a long time. When first diagnosed it was 13% bigger than right arm and was given sleeve measures which didnt adhere too as much as should have. Last time I went it had gone up to 27% and i was really upset and given sleeve with thumb and up to knuckles in.

Well this time i tried really hard with wearing it, do exercise but probably dont do the SLD as much as shud but try to exercise it and been swimming.

so thought today would end up with gloove and was almost tearful but guess what its gone down to 14%, only 1% bigger tha it was when first went to see them. So back to slleve that ends at wrist as up to my elbow there isnt even a .5 percentage difference, lost 4cms, 2cms down to weight as the other had decreased and 2cms down to what i have been doing - so im a convert, i was determined today if didnt work wouldnt stick to it and didnt think it was but it has so, yes they are awful and i hate mine, scowl at it every morning but worth it

Sorry to waffle just quite happy with the outcome xx

sorry, apologise for the spelling, been a long day x

lol well done you! its nice when things start going your way. I guess i have got all this to come, my op is on the 5th jan so there will be another thread worth reading up on.
take care

Good luck anna, its a long haul but has its ups and downs, sometimes i find it hard to believe im almost 2 years down the line and yet it seems like yesterday, i was crying like a baby thinking life was over and had never even been in hospital before. Wish you good luck with your op and treatment and hope it goes well - keep in touch xx

well done buddy. You sure its not the arm that lifts the glass to your mouth doing all the exercise on those big nights out lol :slight_smile:
Really pleased for you
Lily x

Congrats and well done lisaf.

REALLY pleased for you.

Roll on the day when the treatment for the big L is less prehistoric and sleeves are only found in a Museum of Medical Horrors!

X to all


Thanks S, your tips helped me and defo praise the day when there is more treatment, cant be bothered to explain it to people a friend even asked why cant they just cut off the flab and swelling bit, as if eh, the joys.

Thanks for all your help thou xx

Hi Lisa

I’m really pleased for you too, long may the good effects last.


thanks Kinden, long time no hear, can remember you back from rads and chemo days, think you done rads just before me, hope you are keeping well xx

Hi Lisa, Hope things keep improving for you with your arm. Good to hear that there is an improvement for you. Love Val

Hi lisaf

I finished rads at end of last Nov. In some ways a distant memory, in others all too vivid.

I’ve been having kinesio taping to my breast as it is swollen red and sore. It worked like a charm for about 5 weeks thne stopped working and a load of skin came of with it. That was about 3 weeks ago, and it is still better than it was before taping, although I am worried by an area in the middle of the scar that is harder than the rest.

Have kinesio tape to my hand and it looks hideous but is giving some good effects.

Hope your is all still good and that you have a great Christmas