good firm bras, what makesplease?? lymphodema on one side boob a bit bigger

Quick post ladies, have mild lymph on wle after surgery last year. i cant get to specialist fitting shop nearby so what can i do online, firm support, but without boning at the sides, any ideas would be great

Anne x


Hello Anne,
Bravissimo is a specialist bra fitter and have an online website. You may wish to look at their site.
I bought a fantastic sports bra off them for after my surgery. It was called Shock Absorber and although a little more expensive it was really comfortable and had very firm support. No boning at the sides.
It cost me £29.99 but was worth every penny and was excellent quality.
Good luck with your search.
M x
PS. I had WLE and SLNB surgery

Hi Anne, I had mastectomy and immediate LD recon a few months ago and still have some oedema. Having tried loads of bras in a specialist shop I found the only one that was supportive and comfortable with the sweling was Nastasje by Anita. It has medium support, no wires or boning and comes in black, white and skin colour and is quite pretty. I found it true to size if you can’t get it fitted. It has pockets if you want to put some padding in one cup too. They are expensive but shop around on the internet, Woods of Morecambe have a sale on at the moment. Hope this helps.
Helen x

I have found M&S sports bras best.

ASDA do post surgery bras, and sports bras with stretchy cups. No boning, comfy, cheap, wash well and available on line. I am slightly uneven and find the sports bras lovely.

Good luck


Hi, there are a number of sites on the web that do mastectomy bras. They give pretty good support without wires or boning. You can even also get some good ones on Amazon (I got my from there, Royce brand , pocketed non wired post-surgery bras - I find them really comfortable, with good support and coverage).


Here’s a few links I’ve found which I hope might help you get started (I can’t personally recommend these sites, but they seem to have a good choice):


I hope it’s okay to post links in the forum…:smileyembarrassed:

I searched and searched - also have one B cup and one C cup boob :slight_smile: plus they are quite far apart !!! So I really struggel to find a bra at all that fits well. Matelan have fabulous soft knitted fabric lightly padded, no underwire bra’s for a wonderful £8-00. I love mine  for comfort and fit, they outdo M&S sports bra’s at over doube the price! Also found very comfy sports bra’s, 2 for £12.99, at Sports Direct made by Lonsdale. What a journey this is!!! Best wishes to everyone - may it all be good! Be positive x

Yeah finding a right sports bra can be a challenge but if you keep some things in mind you can come up with a perfect pair. If you don’t have the time to visit local market for that then I would suggest you to have a look at the Carbon38 sports bras at their official website. They offer easy and quick delivery of the products.

Got a really comfy one from Debenhams range but subsequent ones have not proofef as comfy.No.mastectomy but a year on can still nit not bear to wear the bras I did…I was always small and wore padded uplift seamed bras that gave me a nice shape.My surgery side still wont allow me these…cant bear the pressure of seams and one side bigger than other now.I wore crop tops for a long while and my soft seamless bra is comfy but trouble is with my new fat tummy and wider waist I hate the shape it gives me…big frumpy looking boobs! Know I’m lucky to have them both but would love a bra that gives me a bit of lift and shape!

Nicola Jane - online t-shirt bras that are shaped. Mine is fuschia pink and another skin tone. Cos of material fit both sides regardless of differing sizes!