good luck heidi

hi hun just wanted to say good luck for today fingers crossed for yaq

Good Luck sweetheart… keeping everything crossed

take care
claire xxx

All the best Heidi,

look forward to hearing how you get on today. Take care,



Thanks you everyone for your well wishes, its a great comfort knowing I’m not alone, you’ll all be there with me lol!!

My husbands trying to get me to eat some breakfast, but I just cant face any at the moment, my heart is in my mouth and my stomach kills (nervs I think!!)

I will let you all know how it went when I get back. The thing is , I need to try and remember this other lump, I just know I will forget when I get there lol!! Oh dear, theres no hope for me lol

I’m going on my own today. Husbands going to drop me off, was going to drive myself, but suddenly thought, what if its bad, I wont be in any fit state to drive home I dont think. He cant come with me because we have Cian (my son) to look after and I cant see him sitting there quietly for 2 hours!

Hope everyone is well today and feeling ok,

Love to all

heidi xx

Wishing you all the very very best today Heidi.

Love Lynne.x


Wishing you all the luck in the world today, hope everything goes OK. Let us know.

Take care