Good news at last.....SLN all clear.

I am so pleased… And i do feel that i am the lucky one. Who would think a few weeks ago that I would be having a glass of cava to celebrate that I only need a MX and immediate reconstruction…how life changes. Thank you everyone for getting me this far. Op planned for 3rd Jan, so will be back seeking more advise soon.
Good luck to everyone out there waiting for results. Keep positive xxxxx

Ahh I so pleased for you, that’s fab news. Relax today :slight_smile:

Wow great news must be a great relieve. Was that results from core biopsies or lymph removal. X x

Hi Wendy56. It was the results of the sentinel lymph node biopsy. I was diagnosed at a routine mamogram followed by 2 core biopsies with DCIS in multiple sites, no lump it was and sill is terrifying. Goodluck with your results Friday? Praying for good news for you too. Please keep me posted. Stay positive and big hugs xx

Great news Cheryl,have a great Christmas,good luck with op in Jan,

Such good news!
Enjoy your Christmas and good luck
Funki x

Hello Cheryl17 I’m 66 and have just read your noted on BCC. I too had DCIS and had a mx with immediate reconstruction on 20th August. Results from SNB were all clear, so I was so lucky to have no follow-up treatment. So I can understand your relief. I had LD flop as not enough fat around the tummy. Good luck Cheryl17 and big hugs. Kathy x

Thank you. Kathy, I am considering having a LD back flap, what was recovery like? When did you have the op? And are you able to do everything you could do before like get out of thE bath etc., Sorry to bombard you with questions I am just a little anxious as I have two knee replacements and managed to build up to a good level of fitness.