Good news (I think)

I’m back from the clinic. Had to have two more sets of mammos. Con showed me the mammos and there was certainly a dense area where I have had a previous op and where there is now a dent. She did her very, very best to find something with the ultrasound but could find nothing. Said there was certainly some density there that wasn’t there last time but she could see nothing on the ultrasound nor feel anything so she suspects it is normal or scar tissue but just to keep an eye on it and if anything changes to go back. She said if you are going to get a cancer then you are going to and in your mind you should be thinking if I am going to get it then I am going to get it and I will face treatment and get on with it (easier said than done). Anyway, seems I am OK at the moment (I think) - negative of what!!!

Hi Crehensal

Thank goodness for that, I’m so pleased for you.

Debbi xx

Well done, a BIG sigh of relief and now look to the future.

Love K

That sounds as if it was a relief to you Jan.

Here’s to a bright future!



Well done Jan - bet you are pleased.


Am so pleased you have good news. well done
All the Best
Lindiloo x

Thanks everyone for being so pleased for me when you have so many problems of your own - I will hang about for a while to see how you are all doing. Hope things go well for you all.



I am so pleased everything was ok. Well done you!

Dyzee. x


Congratulations on your diagnosis - it’s heartwarming to hear good news.
Good Luck
Lots of love
Maddy xxxx