Good news, so far

Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging me while I had to wait for a result - it was an awful time.I am very glad to say that this morning the consultant assured me there is no reason to worry.
The result of the MRI biopsy is fibroadenoma and benign.
It did not sample the area of microcalcification and a further stereotactic biopsy is needed. She said that she looked at all the information they have so far and she is certain that it is not likely to be cancer. So though it is not all completed yet, there is no need to be worried.
I just want to say how grateful I am to have found this forum and to have met you all. Thank you so much for all you have done to keep me sane. I hope to keep in touch andI hope it is ok if I do. I have not completed my journey yet, so at least until I have the final word, it should be ok. :wink:
Thank you so much

Hi Thin Lizzie,

So far, so good, will save my cheers for when you are finally given the all clear, but well done, and best wishes.
Poemsgalore xx

so pleased x

great to hear good news. Thanks for sharing.

Jan x

Hi Thinlizzie, well this is encouraging just need that final OK for you . Do keep us informed and try and relax a little this weekend, best wishes Katy.

Hi again. What a day - after about 5 hours sleep last night. Consultant was running a bit late and sitting in outpatients was a bit of a nightmare. We live in a small community and you can bet you will bump into someone you know in a place like that. And nearly did - had to hide behind OH, as just didn’t want to chat…
Anyway - really kind and clear consultant explained that the breast clinic had sent a one and half page report on the stereo biopsy which basically said … it might be DCIS but we’re not sure! Report was ‘non-diagnostic’ - they just couldn’t tell from the tissue sample they got. So - recommendation is that I have a wire localisation. We then had a discussion about this and about DCIS in general, and how depending on what wire localisation shows, it might lead to WLE.
So - I’m going for the wire localisation but not until next month, after holidays & a long-planned work commitment are over. Consultant quite OK with this, especially as she thinks if it is confirmed as DCIS, its likely to be low grade. OK, its not over yet, but I feel much calmer and in control. I thought it might be DCIS, and it might well be - but it doesn’t sound as if its running riot, at least not yet. So - another long trip to the breast clinic & regional hospital to look forward to - and a general anaesthetic apparently. Due to where we live, this will mean some travelling and probably a night or two in the hospital - but thats life.
I’m going to stick around this Forum and website, because its been a real godsend this last couple of weeks. No matter how much I thought I knew (having been recalled before) - when the chips are down, you need reliable up-to-date information and the support of others who know what you are going through.
ThinLizzie - really pleased with your news. We were driving into town at around 1030 this morning, and I was holding your hand, you can count on that. Keep in touch.
love to all xxx

Oh, that is not great news, Shellseeker. But at least not bad news either… I had one appointment when I expected a dx and was told they needed to do more trests. It is awfully disappointing and my heart goes out to you. The worry is not over yet but at least you can now enjoy your holiday, knowing that you are not doing yourself a disfavour. I shall keep in touch as I am also not done with tests yet either… I just don’t have the stress of the Damocles sword anymore.
Thank you so much for virtually holding my hand. It helped. At 10:30 we were waiting (was only seen at 11) but I was not the nervous wreck I was the last time I expected a dx. :slight_smile:

Hi Shellseeker,
I don’t know how much you have found out about DCIS, but here is a link to a booklet all about it, on this website:

and another link for a booklet about breast surgery:

Wishing you luck and sending hugs.
Poemsgalore xx

Hi Shellseeker, pleased by your news whilst not definate about what is happening I am glad you feel more calm and in control.
Make the most of having a bit of a breather and that holiday. Keep intouch and best wishes to you. Katy.

All - thanks so much for getting back. Poemsgalore (love that name!) - thanks for the links. bcn gave me a copy of the bcc booklet yesterday, and I’ll check out the other link. Went into work today feeling strangely euphoric - its just knowing what I’m (possibly) dealing with, it makes such a difference. And the Dr saying that waiting a month or so before the wire localisation isn’t a big deal. Now feel I can actually take an interest in our holiday - Croatia - havn’t given it a thought up to now. One thing thats a bit of a challenge is to work out who to tell about it all, 'cos in some ways it feels a bit like a ‘non story’ , but on the other hand it isn’t to me, as you understand. I’ve told a couple of close friends and and asked them to keep it to themselves and they will. Will call my sister and tell her, but think I will leave it at that. Oh, and I’ve told my line manager (male, about 15 years younger than me!) and he’s being really sweet - ‘just take what time you need, when you want, don’t worry about HR, I’ll deal with them’ - I thought that was really nice…
Anyway, its been a roller-coaster couple of weeks. I’m thinking of you all and hope you have a good weekend. Be in touch soon.
Shellseeker (by the sea in the lovely north of Scotland)

Good news thin lizzie x

So pleased you got good news ThinLizzie and it’s looking positive for you shellseeker xx