Good news surgery results

Umm’d and ahh’d about posting my results as I know others haven’t had the results they had hoped for but decided to post as it may give hope and confidence to others waiting.


I got good news on my results yesterday. Clear margins, no lymph node cancer cells and cancer stays at grade 1. I’m over the moon that my cancer was pure tubular type and therefore is very isolated to the area it was found. Just got to have 3 weeks radiotherapy with my first appt to see them on the 30th and likely starting 2 weeks after that. I feel very lucky indeed. Sending hugs to everyone still waiting. Kerry x x

Hi Kerry, my diagnosis was the exact same as yours and I felt “guilty” for feeling I’d gotten off lightly when others hadn’t but everyone here delights in hearing good news regardless of their stories!  Xx Jo 

So pleased for you Kerry thats great news. X

Kerry, it’s always great to hear good news on here! :slight_smile:
Good luck with radiotherapy xxx

Hi Kerry. We need to hear the good news too!! I’m really pleased you got good results, most of all for you but also for the rest of us as it gives us all hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel, it’s just some of have a longer tunnel so we need the good news to spur us on to the next part!!
Have a fantastic weekend, I’m sure it will your best one ever xxx

Great news kerry x

Great news Kerry, so pleased for you. I had good results today. Grade 1 and lymph nodes clear. I am borderline for chemo due to my age, young at 55! So now will see oncologist as they want to talk through the fors and against of chemo. I asked about the oncotype dx test and I don’t qualify because my npi score is 3.3 and it needs to be 3.4 to qualify. I don’t really understand that but will discuss it further when appointment comes through. Obviously I want to give myself the best chance of keeping it away but also do not want unnecessary treatment. Plus 10 years of tamoxifen to follow. Any comments on the above will be greatly welcomed, there always seems to be so many decisions to make. But for today and for now I am very happy and have had a lovely lunch with wine . Lots of love to you all Jane xx

Great news Jane x

Brilliant news June xxx

It’s good to hear good news Kerry x

Fantastic you had good results too Jane. Enjoy your celebrations xxx

Hi great news Kerry, really pleased for you. I am awaiting mine on 5th April. Do you know whether you are HER 2 positive or not? I am apparently and so know I need to have radio and tamoxifen but praying not chemo. Ian grade 2 however and not grade 1. Wondering if the fact I am HER 2 means I will therefore need it after all ?

Hi Clarey, being HER2+ would mean Chemo is recomended as you would need Herceptin and this is only given with or after Chemo , wishing you all the best with your results Xx Jo

Congrats Kmk66,

I feel I should be feeling elated like you too but somehow, the news of successful surgery, WLE, no lymph nodes, clear margins, and 15 sessions of rads over, I should be jumping over the moon but …
You deffo celebrate as any kind of good news is GREAT to hear and share.
Just a quick question, though, when you say, ‘pure tubular type’ are you referring to DCIS - cancer cells contained within the milk ducts?


On a more caring and sharing note, I’ve not long ago finished rads(15 sessions) - 3 weeks ago and the process was quite doable and the staff at the hospital were great.  If you are having rads, then I would advise that you drink about 500ml of water before the sessions and another 500ml after, apply aloe vera gel or simple range of non perfumed gels/creams or even E45, to keep breast area lubricated and help in the healing process. Get plenty of rest, put you first and rebuff any stress that may come your way.


All the best and good news travels fast so express it. I am still mustering up enough positive courage to do as you have done.


Thank you.


Then I am devastated frankly. I have not been told this by anyone before, and was pinning my hopes on not needing chemo.

Oh Clarey love im so sorry for upsetting you, are you sure its HER2 + you have been told and not ER+? as you mentioned rads and Tamoxifen which is correct for ER+ , as no one has mentioned Chemo to you i wonder if this is the case? Please dont take what ive said as gospal, im not a doctor and only try to help with the knowledge ive gained since my diagnosis a year ago, lots of love Xx Jo