good news

good news

good news had my appointment today at 330 and got great results !
My liver tumours have shrunk by 60% after 2 chemos ! (red devil)
the oncologist said we could not of got better results . i have 4 more chemos to go and he said after those i should (hopefully ) just have scar tissue left .
i was so nervous before i went in i couldnt even hold my bottle of water for shaking , i couldnt even wait in the waiting room with my hubby i made him walk the corridors with me .
what a relief .
anyway going to bed to relax now . love to all xx
Tracy xx

Great News…I’m so pleased for you Tracy…x

Hi Tracy, that’s fab news!!! xoxo

Good for you Tracy superb news - i start Taxotere next week i hope i get the same results.

Hi Tracey,

Am sooo pleased for you - excellent news. We all need to hear some good news stories - it gives us all hope! Have a glass of wine and celebrate girl!!!

Love and hugs, Jean xx

Hi Tracey,

So glad for you. Really good news.


Hi Tracy,

Thats great, I love hearing good news…

love Lara xx

Excellent!! Tracy

What great news - just what we wanted to hear, and after only 2 sessions, brilliant!

Hi Tracy

So pleased to hear your good news. Thinking of you through the next 4 sessions which hopefully will do the trick.

Luv Jan xx

Joint Pain After my original BC (which was ER+) treatment in 2004 I was put on Tamoxifen. In November 2005 I had a blood clot on my lung so I was taken off Tamoxifen and put on Anastrozole (Arimidex) because there is less risk of clotting with that. I was diagnosed with lung mets (ER) in November 2006 and had had 6 cycles of the red devil which just about cleared the mets and just left scar tissue.

Even though the biopsy I had had in October 2007showed that the lung mets was ER- my onc decided on the belts and braces approach after chemo finished in Feb 2007 and put me back on Arimidex. I started to suffer with joint pain (which I had had when on Arimidex originally but never connected the two as I do have mild arthritis). I realised I had had no such pain when not taking the Arimidex while having chemo. When I told my onc took me off Arimidex and put me on Exemstane (Aromasin) as she thought I would be better on this and that I would try it until I see her in June. But I’m not any better - I have really bad pains in my foot and hip joints and I love walking which is difficult for any length of time at present. Even sitting down at work or on the bus causes pain.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did your onc suggest you take instead? I want to be armed with ammunition if I am to get her to take me off the Aromasin when I don’t really think I need to take anything like this anyway as I am supposedly ER-.

Luv Jan xx

GREAT NEWS … great news have a great time enjoy the good news

Yahoo!!! What wonderful news!!! Celebrate!!! Funnyface