Good News

Hi all,

I feel I wanted to share my news with you, I was diagnoised in November 2006 with breast cancer, I had a lumpectomy, it was a grade 3 cancer, triple negative 2.6cm in size, no lymph nodes involved. I had 6 lots of Chemo amd 5 weeks of radiotherapy.
I manage to work nearly all the way through it, just about 5 days off after chemo, where I accepted my P.J days as part of it.
Last week I was discharged, just on 18 month mamograms now, I wanted to share this with you as when I was first diagnoised I would search this site for people who had lived, the term 5 year survival rate would haunt me, well I am 5 years now and here to tell the tale.
I have had a few scary moments along the way, the thoughts of it coming back still terrrifys me, but I have an amazing gp, who will do tests to convince me im ok. During my 5 years I have divorced, met someone new and lost my mum,could life throw much more at me I often think,anyway good luck to you all in your journey, my tip would be to keep your humour,and never be afraid to ask questions.

That is lovely to hear.
My story is like yours although my lump was smaller and I had a mastectomy (high grade DCIS) so no rads.
It is such a hard illness to deal with and the fear is the worst thing cos I really couldn’t go through it again.
It doesn’t help that everytime you open a newspaper there is a sad story about it which just depresses me.
But I do believe that if it is caught early as it was with us then we are very lucky.
I’m so pleased for you.

Many thanks, Im so pleased you are doing well too, yes you hear more negative than positive thats why I wanted to post this today. :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting your good news, it was just what I needed to read today. Ive been getting a bit hung up on the cancer recurring or spreading. So thank you again


Glad it helped Anne :slight_smile:

Another TN here cheering for you, and much encouraged!

Thank you Lavender Lassie, all the best to you too x

Ange1, I am so pleased for you - I am hoping to be discharged at my appointment next week. My OH wants to know if we get a fanfare.

After the disappointment of not being discharged because the Consultant wanted to order an ultrasound, I finally made it to the finishing post yesterday. Relieved and looking forward to Christmas!

Oh thats amazing news I’m so pleased for you. This story is just what i needed tonight .Im another TN grade 3 just doing rads ,thank you so much for posting .
Cherub fantastic for you too so pleased you got to the finishing post .Now both of you celebrate and have an amazing christmas ,i couldn’t be more pleased for you both xx

FANTASTIC NEWS - and for you too Cherub - I really hope I can follow in both of your footsteps in a few years from now.

God Bless you both


Thank you for posting Ange1 - you give me hope.

Stay focused and just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will get there. I have spent all of this year doing anything I could to stay busy and get to the end of it.

Wonderful news, it is making me smile!
And lovely new pic, Libralady!

Wonderful news Ange1, so pleased for you and thank you for giving hope to all us triple neg ladies. Champagne needed! Liz xx