good news!

Hi All,
I first posted on here back in October when my grandma was diagnosed with secondary BC. The doctors told us not to get our hopes up as secondary bc is very aggressive, and my grans was in her liver, chest wall, tumour on kidney and poss lung(bone met in rib also) My gran was referred to Christies where she was started on 18 taxol straight away. She has just finished her 10th taxol, was scanned after 9 where she was told that the tumours had shrunk and they were pleased with her response to the chemo. My gran is 74 and found it quite hard going with acute diarrhea and sickness, but seems as though it was worth it as her oncologist this morning said that she did not need chemo for a while(or until the time comes when its likely she will need it again), she will be on a hormone tablet from now on, an injec tion for the bone met and will be scanned again in 2 months time and then they will go from there!
Wanted to share this news as when we first heard about her diagnosis we were all devastated and could not see any future for my gran at all, as the doctors were so bleak. However once we got to the Christie the attitude of the doctors was completely different, no prognosis was made as no one knows how each patient will respond and how long for. I found it a massive help to come on here and read about good news and women who are coping and responding to treatment and having a good quality of life, which i hope my gran will now have for a few months or more before the gruelling treatment starts agaain! but then my gran says she would rather be ill with the chemo than the cancer and as long as its working she will be having it!I Hope this conveys as the positive and hopeful message it was intended to be x

Great news! Enjoy every minutes with your gran. Life is precious. It is unfortunate that many of us need a Cancer wake up call to realize that.

Wonderful news, Gav! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your time with your gran - she’s lucky to have such a caring family. Best wishes to you all xx

Great news. God bless your Gran and all her medical team.

Suzanne x

What a great, inspiring story. To have your Gran in adult life is a blessing, she sounds a feisty one lol.
Its nice she’s so unfront about everything and so lucky to have a caring family behind her.
Best wishes
Clare xxx

thank you all for replying i think its so important to share positive news re secondaries, especially as in october we could not see her even recieving any treatment. we are all spending as much time with her as possible and are hoping she can get some strength up now so we can go to marks and spencers and for lunch again soon!she is remarkable and has never moaned once or been negative, i believe this is so important her fighting spirit is amazing and there was us worrying about her age! she certainly is a fiesty one, thinks its her irish roots!her medical team are amazing also, her BCN is so lovely and has arranged a dietician, visits to a hospice (so gran can off load and have some respite care when she needs it) and is always there when we need her.
Best wishes to all you ladies now and in the future uncertain as it is, we just need to make the most of it :slight_smile: x