Good news !!

Hi to you all,

I have cysts quite a few both sides apparently :), after being kept waiting 2 hours in the outpatients and watching ladies some resigned some intears go in and out before me, I was told.

I saw the registrar not the consultant as he was running behind … really? She explained my mammogram and examined me and took a history, I didn’t cry once (amazing), she said almost definate nothing sinister, however an ultrasound would confirm that. So off I trot to US who were booked up …then bizarrely I did get upset and have to go back at 11 on Wednesday if my big cyst is fluid filled she may aspirate it apparently and give me the all clear.

So I am pleased to share the news with all of you who have been my shoulder and my support thank you so much. Funny as I sat waiting I thought that if the news wasn’t good that I could come here and share. Good luck and good wishes to you all. I will stick around this week to keep an eye out for my fellow waiting roomies and to confirm all clear on weds.

lots of love Foxy xxx

excellent news, so pleased for you.
love Sharon xx

Really pleased for you foxy, I’m dreading tomorrow :frowning:

glad to here that foxy.not long scared try get some sleep

so so pleased for you


Yippee! I’ve been thinking about you all day!

The drainage of my cyst didn’t hurt a bit. I don’t like the fact I have other cysts but would not be worried about having any of them drained.

Good luck scared01 - I won’t say don’t worry as it is impossible not to.

great news Foxy, I’m very please for you :slight_smile:

Gill x