Hi all,

Well it makes a change for me to be delivering some good news! 

Yesterday I learnt that my recent 2nd operation to remove more breast tissue (as 1st one didnt have a clear margin) is completely clear of cancer! But wait there is more good news! My lymph nodes are also cletheof cancer too!! I just have to wait for the results of my bone scan and my mri and then hey presto I will have a full house!

Today I am still in total shock,  a nice shock though! I still have to have a appointment to discuss my care plan ie treatment/prevention and have been told that I will probably have to have radiotherapy and may be chemo too but whatever they say I will know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Part of me feels a bit guilty as I know many many ladies on here are not in such a enviable position but hopefully my post will give others hope.

Keep fighting the battle and us girls will beat it to a pulp!!

Bye for now,

Lynne xxx

Brilliant Lynne - always good to hear positive news xxx

Yay Lynne, that’s fantastic news and you should never apologise for giving us good news as it gives us all hope :slight_smile:



That is awesome news, i am so happy to hear it. It also gives hope to the rest of us. Have a glass or two on me :catvery-happy:

Fantastic news Lynne, really pleased for you xx

Good news is precious!  I’ll drink to that too! 

Yahhhhh!  thats me doing the happy kermit dance. 

No guilt only joy