Good News

I think I must be shy but look on this forum a lot and have been very encouraged by you all so now I want to share my news with you all.  I was dx October 17 with bone mets on skull and sprinkled on spine mussel behind breast and in right hip.  Have been on e/e and bone injection once a month.  I had a bone scan Monday and saw onc on Thursday and she said that I have had a reduction and my Tumour count was so low not worth mentioning and also new bone is starting to lay down.  I had pneumonia in February and recovered really well.  Now I feel really well and much stronger back to my old self playing golf and doing my garden.   I was so shocked on receiving my dx but now I understand there is loads that they can do to keep us going. I have Manuka honey every day I read on the forum that it is good for us.  Thank you all I am buzzing xxx

Hello buzzing

Thank you for sharing your news. .I’m really pleased for you especially as I started E and E 14
Days ago and hoping it will do what it says on the tin.
Obviously I’m further down the line than you as I was dx with secondaries Oct 2015 and have been on letrozole all this time …until it fell out with me and stopped working !!!
Keep doing the garden and golfing. .enjoy what you like most …

Hugs xxx

Hi Buzzing

Glad to hear your good news. And the weather has improved so you really can garden. Gardening lifts my spirits. You don’t keep bees do you with a name like Buzzing? We used to. I have mets in my skull and pelvis and have been on e without the other e for 2 1/2 years.

Bon x

So pleased to hear your news x

Excellent news Buzzing! I’m glad you can enjoy your golf and gardening. FF