Good results

Hello, I always enjoy reading other people’s good news so wanted to share mine. 
I had my scan results today and my consultant was really pleased. All areas have shrunk (to different degrees) after only the first three rounds, he said it was more than he expected at this point. 
Sending positive thoughts to you all x

That’s great news Kat504! I’ve had good news from my first 2 scans now waiting for results of 3rd… reading others positive news is a great boost

Jools xx

That’s brilliant news Kat504!!!

I hope you did something nice to celebrate!!!  It certainly does lift other people’s spirits hearing the positive stories of others, so thank you for sharing!! 

I think you are on the same cocktail as my mum - Ribo, Letrozole and Denosumab. My mum also had her scan results last week and she was stable with some shrinkage after being on this combo for nearly a year!! Sounds like it is good stuff


Hi Kat

That’s brilliant news!!! So good to hear positive news.  Thanks so much for sharing.

Secondarysister - so pleased also that your mum has had shrinkage/ remained stable.

My next scan is 26th July and results 3rd Aug! The nerves are starting.

Like you I’m on ribociclib, letrozole and zoladex.

Take care everyone


Hi Kat,

That’s fantastic news, thanks so much for sharing!  Its these positives that keep us all going and keeping the hope very much alive.

Long may your great results continue xxx

Kat504 that is brilliant news love hearing positive news in this scary world we live in. I am waiting for my first scan since starting treatment

 I am on abemaciclib, fulvestrant and denosumab injections.