good results

Hi to anyone who knows me out there,l just thought l would share my good news with biopsy results were all clear,the cancer hadn’t spread outside the womb but because it was a high grade cell l have to have further treatment.seeing the oncologist on Friday to discuss what treatment is best for’s 2weeks since my full hysterectomy and now I’m starting to feel very tearful.after l was diagnosed with breast cancer in June l was devastated, but l tried to stay positive but when this cancer hit me 9months later l thought my whole world had fallen apart.l guess l was so unlucky,l am getting genetic testing done as l have 2daughters.l hope you ladies  Out there are coping with all your x?

Hi daisykins, I don’t know you, but I’m pleased all the same that your biopsy results were good :cathappy: 


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. As a self employed person I saw business suffer immediately (incessant appointments and call backs to hospital / clincs) and in the initial stages this really gave me little time to think too much. I did and still do have moments of becoming suddenly and quite inexplicably overwhelmed though, and although I really do manage to stay positive most of the time, I figure days like these are par for the course, it’s best to just roll with them and allow myself the privelage of processing what is happening along the way. 


No matter how strong a person you may otherwise be, any news involving ‘cancer’ is a big thing to most people, the only genuine advice / support I can offer here seems to be ‘try to be kind to yourself’. 


Im a web designer and content writer, and given that I have treatment scheduled which will challenge my ability to meet the demands of my clients, I’ve decided to start a blog as a positive means of interacting and reaching out to others in a similar position as me, or their friends / loved ones. Feel free to PM if you fancy swinging by and I will send you the link. Otherwise I hope to see you around the boards here. 


Good evening Daisykins


Really pleased that you’ve had some good news.   Lets face it girl you deserved a break…


I am 2.1/2 years on from diagnosis and hopefully doing good.  Still have some tough days but grateful for the forum.


Good luck with the rest of your treatment.   Take Care   Gilly x