Good side effects of B.C. Treatment

I was thinking ( dangerous) but we are always posting about our se of treatments but sometimes we have good ones too and it might b a bit uplifting to start this thread for new ladies to the board’s.
Right …I will start:

  1. Adcal calcium tablets …strong nails and regular “toilet” habits.
  2. FEC. Chemo …didn’t need reading glasses after treatment …eyes improved.
    3.Vit c …tablets daily …no colds or bugs.
    4.Cod liver oil tablets …no creaky bone joints.

Well that’s all I can think of.
Hugs xxc

Good idea!

Hair loss - much quicker getting ready in the mornings and no need to shave armpits or maintain bikini line!!!

Ellie xxx

Well, I feel in need of constant treats so does indulging yourself count??? Also I adore my family more than ever…especially when they indulge me too!!

No more monthlys after chemo and I don’t sweat under arms either even after gym how’s that ? Xx

Does cod liver oil help with aching joints ? X x

I take cod liver oil daily and I’m sure they stop the joints creaking and if I miss one …notice the difference but I think glucosamine is the better option as Jeanette and Sharon swear by them .when I run out of Clo will start glucosamine. .
But …if you are on h and p …better check first with oncologist what u can take as some things stop treatments working.

Hugs xxx


No u don’t stink !


Thanks carolyn it’s will ask tomorrow when I see them x x x

no leg hair/ upper lip hair/ toe hair/ under arm hair/ and foo foo hair!! luckily I still have some eyebrows/eyelashes and my hair on my head! 

:catvery-happy: :smileylol: :manvery-happy:

Just think how much defuzzing time you save !!!
Hugs xxx

You ladies are amazing! That’s all I have to say! If I can channel an ounce of your positivity I know I will cope with this ?

Another good effect of treatment …just thought of it …online shopping and being able to justify the spending …either sympathy or medicinal therapy !!
Keep everything coming ladies . Any more good things ? ???

This thread has slipped down a bit:
Also you can sit in pjs, no make up and unwashed hair and don’t have to feel guilty or justify it to visitors .

I found this poem the other day on my iPad. I wrote it a year after finishing treatment (mastectomy, full axillary clearance, chemo, rads and hormone therapy) and a few months before my DIEP flap reconstruction in November 2014. I spotted this thread when I had a quick look at the forum again to read some views on having private health scans to check bad boy BC hasn’t returned if you feel like you have lots of possible symptoms. You can tell I have become a total (secret) hypochondriac although I hope no-one else realises!


Great thread. So here is the poem I wrote (not something I do very often).



I’ve lost my breast
I’ve lost my body shape
I’ve lost confidence in my health
I’ve lost my stamina
I’ve lost my sex drive
I’ve even lost some friends
I’ve found just how strong I really am
I’ve found the ability to enjoy the moment
I’ve found people who really understand me
I’ve found great respect for my body and what it is does for me
I’ve found people who really care what happens to me
And I’ve found that despite the uncertainty of what lies ahead, I have the certainty that I can cope.
I’ve found more than I lost.

Lovely poem …think that will strike a cord with all the ladies here.
Come on more good side effects required.

Hi EJ,
Me too. I’ve got the best tan I’ve ever had this year. I look much healthier than normal. xxx