Goodbye and Thanks from Newgrandma (Pam)

Hello everyone, it’s Alice here - I’m Newgrandma’s daughter.

My beautiful mum, Pam passed away on Saturday 22nd May 2021 just after midday, after a four and a half year battle with metastatic breast cancer. She was only 74 years old and as you may know from previous posts, had just recently decided not to pursue further treatment due to the adverse effects she’d been experiencing.

After her health declined quite rapidly in just a few weeks, she had finally been able to settle comfortably in her bed in the hospice with the help of the amazing staff there. Dad says that it was a very peaceful moment. We are relieved and can take comfort in the fact that she died in the way that she wanted - calm and free from pain and worry, and with Dad by her side.

In her final days she gave me some notes on things that she wanted us to communicate to her favourite people after she had passed. She very specifically asked that I post on this forum on her behalf to thank you all for your friendship and support over the years and to wish you well as you continue on your journeys. 

My mum was an extraordinary person and she approached her experience with cancer head-on, she was always reading up on the latest research, and making sure that she (and us) were well-informed and supported. From almost day one of her diagnosis back in January 2017 she joined this forum to educate herself and along the way found support, friendships and an opportunity to share her experiences in a way that I know she found to be truly healing.

Thank you to everyone on this forum, from Newgrandma and her family for your kind words of support over the years. We are wishing you all the very best for the future, for now we are going to take some quiet time as a family to celebrate Mum’s life which was so beautifully lived, if ended too soon. Signing off with much love from Newgrandma and her family,


Hi Alice,

We are so sorry to hear about the passing of your lovely mum, and thank you for taking the time to post during what must be such a difficult time for you. We are so moved to hear that Pam found support and genuine friendship on the Forum. Thank you so much for sharing her message, it is truly touching and it really means a lot to us. Our thoughts are with you, your family and all of Pam’s friends 

Sending lots of love and sincere best wishes, from all of us at Breast Cancer Now xx

Dear Alice

Your message touched many of us at Breast Cancer Now. On behalf of the Forum team, we are sending your family our condolences for your mum’s passing.

We feel so reassured that the Forum meant so much to your mum that she asked you to post here on her behalf - that does mean a lot to us.

You and your family are in our thoughts, and we are sending you our warmest wishes

Bernard x

Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write on here at what must be a difficult and sad time. It’s touching that your mum left notes on who she wished you to communicate with on her behalf. You have written such beautiful words which are a credit to your lovely mum.  I am pleased and relieved to hear that your mum Pam passed away peacefully with your Dad by her side. 

Very best wishes to you and your family :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: .