Goodbye Smelly ? Pits!!

Hello all,
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that they do not need to use underarm deodorant anymore?I accidentally discovered this after chemo finished. However, I am also on Herceptin and do not know if it started before Herceptin use or not. I have two more Herceptin to go so maybe odour will return after completion.
Anyway, I sweat but no smell. I understand odour depends on an active ABCCII gene/bacteria eating the sweat. YUM ? Maybe the drugs have changed the chemical structures. I know that there are a small percentage of people who naturally do not have smelly pits - but that was not me originally.
I asked lovely Oncoman - alas he just gave me a bemused look and no explanation apart from that radiotherapy can affect. It has nothing to do with radiotherapy in this case. It was noticed before I had that!
Best Wishes to all X

Hi Chick1, I noticed that my armpit that they took all the nodes out doesn’t smell but the other one does! x

Hello again Paloma,
? Maybe we should look at it as,a positive. Yes I could understand it if it was just on my right surgery side but it’s both sides that are pong free! Either that or the chemo permanently affected my sense of smell - oh no ? is that why people keep avoiding me ? X