Google, forums, security

well, thank you BCC. Just googled my screen name - and the very first entry gave me my account page! Plus a thread i started - sorry, but this is a nick i’ve used for 10 years - and on a number of forums/ chat rooms - this is the very first time i’ve checked my id and found it on ANY google page! I regularly google my screen name - not awfully happy to see it linked to any forum - least of all BCC. seems like you opened the closet door for me.

Just googed mine and there are 4 pages of ME!!! Blimey fame at last. Everything from cross stitch e-bay and bc sites well everybodys famous for 10 minutes so they say lol… Love to all Eileen

I think this has to be something that has been overlooked!!!

but, if you need to go to archive, well, just google it