I was wondering if any Men have had Goserelin injections and if they suffered any problems with it.
Goserelin is an estrogen inhibitor, injected just under the skin usually in the stomach.
Sorry ladies, I need the blokes perspective on this.
I know that it is normally given to estrogen receptive cancer in pre-menopausal women, but as Men are, from my experience, given drug therapies in the same way as a post-menopausal women, it seems a little strange I should be getting it prescribed.
I hasten to add, I haven’t had it yet first one tomorrow

Thanks in advance


@fisher I shall ask around. I have not heard of men having Goserelin injections

Some replies incoming later @fisher

Here are some thoughts by various men @fisher I hope it helps. Like all treatments, there never seems to be a definitive treatment as we all react differently

My Oncologist briefly talked about a six monthly bone injection but had only been considered for females at the time. He didn’t pursue it though.

Hello all I am having the Goseralin injection, it is a monthly implant and it is combined with an oral tablet called metropole in combination they wipe out ALL hormone production. Unfortunately my breast cancer is on the move so I have had a hip replacement and a plate put in to help if the remaining cancer in my femur progresses any further and breaks the femur. The other implant is to strengthen the bones because most of the other treatments can increase osteoporosis. I am starting a targeted treatment in a few weeks but I cannot have other implant until I can have 2 wisdom teeth sorted out because there is a high risk the implant wreck jawbones!

I have been on these for more than 2 years. No side effects

Hello Fisher

I have been on Zolodex ( same thing) since July last year, once every month.

The only notable side effect I feel is a little achy the day after, bone and muscle aches, but they wear off in a day or so. Make sure who ever administers it to grip hold of any spare belly fat, otherwise. It can sting a lot. I have a spare tyre so on the whole it’s not painful.

But if it does go wrong administering it can be painful. Three months ago I end up with a bruise size of a small plate on my stomach and a 2inch Heamatoma, like a hard lump.
But I stress…if you remind the person giving you the injection to get a good bit of fat it shouldn’t happen.

I hope you have no issues with it at all and good luck

Kind regards
D ( a man lol)

Hello again Fisher

Oh I forgot to mention, it can have an effect re your libido, and errection, sadly it did that to myself but it might not happen to you, just a heads up.


Thanks guys, I had my injection on Friday, bruising…yep, but my spare tyre prevented any discomfort. No noticable side effects, but I have also started my second cycle of Ribociclib which makes me tired in the first few days and then slightly nauseous in the third week.

Appreciate the responses.


i concur and after 12 years ,it is still the same for me

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Oh dear, sorry about that fellas, if its any consolation I have no reason to notice a change in my libido, I have just got divorced and no interest in looking for another partner at the moment but I’ll keep you posted. I have to admit that was one side effect the oncologist made sure I was aware of, that with the threat of infertility denosumab. I couldn’t help but reassure him that the vasectomy I had over 30 years ago negated that issue.