Got a silly question

How long is it beffore I will be able to wear a bra after my left hand masectomy?

I have a 32H chest and need to wear a bra everyday to keep them from giving me black eyes!!!

I assume once I have had op that I will not be able to wear a bra for a while?

Will I be able to wear my normal bras? Will I have to go and buy new ones? How does it work?

Hi - not a silly question at all.

We’ve met on another thread - I had my left mastectomy last Wednesday, and came home from hospital yesterday. The hospital issued me with a “comfy”, which is a soft fabric prosthesis. I’m similar to you - went in wearing a 32GG bra, and they gave me a size 6 comfy, which is actually not really big enough, but apparently I’ll get a better one when I go back to see the surgeon next week. The proper prosthesis won’t be fitted until after radiotherapy - I’ve been told they like to let the skin settle for about a month.

As to bras, I’m not really sure. I ordered 2 sports bras from Bravissimo, but feel they are too tight so will send them back. I went to be fitted in M&S a few weeks ago and get a proper post-surgery bra, but it is underwired (apparently all the M&S post surgery ones for larger cup sizes are now underwired). I really wanted something soft and comfy, both for initially after surgery and during radiotherapy, so chose an ordinary, full support bra. This seems to hold the comfy fairly well, so have been online to order 2 more.

However, I’m trying not to wear a bra too much at the moment - didn’t at all in hospital (apart from trying out the comfy), and am trying to get away with vests and baggy tops for now, although I did wear my proper post surgery one this evening as we’ve been out for dinner. Had no real advice, I just feel that with drains and healing tissue, I am better without a bra for now.

Would welcome any advice!



You can buy post surgery bras that have no wires or seams and have poppers at the front - Royce do a good one but its rather expensive but they do quite big sizes (I am only a 32DD but they did do bigger I seem to recall). That being said its the most comfy bra I had after my surgery and whilst I had an immediate recon the bra does have pockets in for prosthesis. If you google Royce bras you can go to their website. Delivery was within a couple of days. Other than that I brought lots of secret support tops - you know the kind with either cups built in (which may be better for a prosthesis) or just an elasticated band inside (but not sure whether it would securely hold a prosthesis).

Hopefully someone else will have some other places to look/shop with ideas for you, xxx

Good question and maybe one your breast care nurse should help with too.
I had Bilateral Mastectomy on 16.12 and still don’t wear a bra that often as the scar area feels quite sensitive, when I do wear a bra with the comfies I used a Frances Post op bra which I got from
It arrive within 2 days, and is very soft and light.
I guess you will feel different as you need support for your remaining breast but I think a soft bra is the way to go!
I also have a range of pashminas and scarves which I attempt to ‘artfully drape’ over me so the lack of boobs is less obvious!
best of luck

Not a silly question at all. I too had a left mastectomy and came out of hospital with a softie. I am a 36 C. I found that Tesco sports bras were just perfect for the job. Nearly two years on (and with a Becker implant) I can manage underwired bras again, but still revert t the sports bra comfort from time to time.

Good luck



I am now on day 3 after my WLE and SNB. I bought a really good support bra that is especially for pos op and it has made such a difference everything is held together and feels really supported, It wasn’t cheap but worth every penny. Mine was form Lucette in the Bailgate in Lincoln.

I found a website Treasure Chests and bought ‘post op’ bras and find them wonderfully comfortable and supportive. I had WLE and SNB on 16th March.