Got appointment but

I’ve got an appointment for 10th March thought I was just going for a mammogram but letter doesn’t even mention that it just says a hospital doctor will review my details in order to ensure I have been referred to the correct service! The clinic is 2WW Breast Service. Anyone else had this? Thanks

I’ve had that in a few letters and it’s always been the urgent referral 2 week one stop clinic, mammogram, ultrasound if needed then consultant appointment and biopsy but that has just been what I have experienced at my local hospital , it seems to vary for others, and that was the ref number for the clinic name, or so I was under that impression anyway. But even if that is the case please don’t let that frighten you, I believe, in my area most breast issues (majority being benign) are seen in that clinic.if you are unsure you could always ring the number on your letter and ask for some clarity, if nothing else you will have an idea of what to expect. Xx

Thanks for your reply I was worrying for nothing I’ve had another letter now explaining in more detail so feeling a bit better now x

I’m pleased, waiting is an anxiety in itself, never mind uncertainty, pleased you have some clarification x