Got date for lat dorsi recon any advice??


I havent posted on here for ages, since my treatment finished.

This morning I received the date for my recon, which is lat dorsi and maybe tissue expander/implant.

I wondered if you have any advice for me, for the run up to surgery, whilst I’m in hospital and the first few weeks after.

I wonder how quickly I could go back to the gym to do some gentle exercises. I’m 31 and quite fit and healthy.

thanks for reading
Lou xxx

Hi Lou

I have just had my second mast & LD recon with implants, I was 39 when I had my first op.

My main advice for the run up to surgery is to pamper yourself as much as possible and plan a treat for after your op. to look forward to. For the first few weeks after surgery, lots of rest and do the exercises given to you, although to be honest, first time I did them religiously and this time I just made a point of getting my arm on the affected side back to normal movement ASAP. I took 12 weeks off work, but I do have quite a physical job at times with a lot of driving.

First time round I was driving after 6 weeks, this time it was 4 weeks. I own a horse and I was mucking out, sweeping yard etc after approx 7-8 weeks. You could be back in the gym after 4 or 5 weeks, at least doing some lower body stuff without any jumping around.

I am very pleased with my new breasts and bought my first pretty bra last week.

What date have you been given to go in?
Jackie x

Thanks for your reply Jackie.

I go in on 22nd August, so not too long.

I am glad you are pleased with your new breasts, I cant wait for mine, been 2 years since mastectomy, so cant wait to have a boob back!!
Lou xx

Hi Buster

Please keep is all posted on your progress after the op - I am due to be seeing the PS shortly and probably have an LD flap later this year.

I am particularly interested in the practical side of things - like how much time off work, what you can/can’t do when you get home etc because I live alone for the most part, though my 18-year old daughter is here a lot of the time.

Good luck!


Hello Lou

  • bet you can’t wait for a new breast!!

I had mx & immed LD recon in May, left side (it makes a difference!!)

Before surgery, be aware that yours may not look like the photos you’ve seen and that it sometimes ends up taking longer than anticipated to get a good result. I was really pushed to have my other one altered as well, and I’m so glad I haven’t because I feel that now all the swelling etc has subsided it looks completely different to how it started. I didn’t have an implant in at the time, but will once all my adjuvant treatment has finished. I therefore am now sporting one 36B boob and one 36D . This isn’t a problem! I know that it’s work in progress and will be ok in the long run. i may go for a ‘lift’ on my right breast in time - I don’t know… the thing is, your breasts change all the time don’t they! I have breastfed 3 kids for 2years each and mine seem to be permanently in a state of flux!

In the next few weeks, make sure that you are FIT! It def. helps! and eat well - get your iron as high as you can - I lost LOTS of blood in my surgery - my Hb dropped from 14.6 to 8.4 - had I started any lower I’d have needed a transfusion. My surgery took 8 hours. I had 4 drains in (has the Mx at the same time…) and a drip. I didn;t have a catheter and was able to get up within hours of the surgery for a wee and was walking out on my own within 24hours.

Also, get help organised at home - housework, kids, meals etc. I felt ok mentally, but was physically very tired for about 3 weeks. I was driving within 6 weeks but I have to say that it wasn’t very comfortable. I think I could’ve gone back to work around the 12 week mark without knackering myself. As it was, I started chemo, so no chance!

Ascertain how big and where your back scar will be. Mine is 12inches long and extends from my shoulder blade to my waist. - a far cry from the little incisions I saw in photos. It is healing remarkably well!

Ihaven’t had a problem with lack of movement (apart from the cording - but you won’t be in that situation) and was lifting my toddler within 2 weeks.

Oh and bras - use your original Mx bra in the beginning. I progressed to non underwired normal within 2 weeks and am now back to underwired when I want a bit more shape.

Hope that helps!! Enjoy your new cleavage!! Let me know if want to see my photos.

Td xxxx

Just wanted to add some practical tips for your stay in hospital…

However sick you feel, try and force yourself to eat some bran flakes or porridge the morning after the op. The reason for this is that anaesthetic, whilst making you feel sick can also make you constipated, which after such huge surgery you will definitely want to avoid!

I found those ready cut melon segments a godsend!

Yes, yes pamper, pamper!! Paint your nails, experiment with make up…! I became obsessed with my appearance which is so not the normal me!

You will def benefit from taking at least an hour in bed every afternoon for several weeks for solitude and rest. (It’s a good time to do the excercises too).

Good luck! I certainly loved the results of my LD flap…


Hi all, just wanted to add a good luck message for the 22nd August. I had a lat dorsi recon about 18 months ago, and despite being a big hospital scaredy cat, would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who’s had a mastectomy.
Advice? As the other ladies have said, I’d certainly advise the eating well bit- I also lost a lot of blood and munched away on dried apricots (high iron) and got a real thing for watercress (also high iron) when i got home.
Timescales? I felt pretty wiped out for about 2-3 weeks, came out of hospital after 6 days and spent a lot of time napping, eating and reading good books. My back ached quite a bit if I stood up for too long, and found it really comfy to sit with cushions pushing into the lat dorsi area- this also helped fluid drain away.I went back to work after 8 weeks, drove after about 5-6 weeks and felt pretty much ok after about 4 weeks.
Do pamper yourself- buying new bras is really exciting, as is buying clothes with lower necklines. I loved all that- any excuse to shop!
The best thing of all though, is waking up from the anaesthetic and seeing that new boob sitting on your chest. It looks pretty amazing almost immediately, and however grotty you feel, a quick peep down your top should make you feel better in an instant!
Best of luck and hope it goes well! Bagelo