Got diagnosed Wednesday 22nd March!!!!

Hi all, I’m new to this group although have been lurking for the last week. I discovered a lump one night laid in bed, my left best was aching a little so i felt it and found a lump! I went to see my nurse on the 6th March! The doctor refered me straight away and i received the letter within days to go visit my local breast clinic unit. My appointment was last Thursday ( 16th March) doctor examined me, I had a mammogram and then a scan, doing the scan they said i would need a biopsy which she did… i went on 22nd March and got diagnosed ? worst day of my life tbh… and there has been some bad days! I haven’t taken it in and I’m so glad my Auntie came with me as she was my ears for me… they said my lymph nodes are clear and that it contained im to have a MRI scan to see what surgery i am having and what treatment if needed! I’m 37 and got 3 children (13,10 and 4) i have an appointment with my breast nurse on Thursday which I going to ask her to go through everything again as my head was a mass of fuzz so nothing went in basically… my emotions are all over the place at the moment although I haven’t cried yet today which I think is good but there’s still time! Any advice would be appreciated, although I’ve been in this situation before as my mum was diagnosed at age 40 and died 4 years later.

Write down questions and leave spaces for the answers I had 21 questions and even though my head was all over the place I wrote down the answers as she said them this time is the worst i have just finished treatment

Hi Queenbee

welcome to the club, sorry you are in this situation but you have found a great place to get help and support through this process. From what you say your aunt heard - that lymph nodes are clear and it is contained, it sounds very hopeful that they have caught things relatively early and therefore it will be very treatable. It is difficult to take everything in at first, partly because of the shock and partly because it takes a while to get your head round all the different terms and how important or otherwise different bits of information are. I imagine it may be particularly hard, having lost your mum to cancer, not to imagine the worst - I have had several family members die through cancer and had to keep reminding myself that lots of people get through it just fine.

I hope your BCN is able to answer your questions and make things a bit clearer for you. Keep posting here as well - there will always be someone who is going or has gone through something similar and lots of people who are there to give emotional support xx

Hi QueenBee,


So sorry to hear of your diagnosis but please take comfort and support from everyone here. I would echo the advice of earlier, treat yourself to a notebook and pen and write everything down. I have found that it really helps, it’s a mini diary so you can document how you are feeling and you can bob questions down as and when they occur.


Your breast care nurse will be there for you too, please don’t worry about giving her a call if you have concerns or want clarification on anything that has been discussed.


It sounds like our wonderful NHS is on the ball and things are happening quickly, don’t let this frighten you, your bc will soon be dealt with and once you have a plan of care in place you can focus on each step in turn.


I am 3 months on now from a lumpectomy and SNB and have finished 15 rounds of radiotherapy. I feel fine. I’ve been lucky to be able to continue working and that has helped me, although that’s different for everyone. Be kind to yourself too and try to rest when you can and accept all offers of help along the way.


Sending you a big hug.x

Thank you for your replies. I’m not sure how i still feel at the moment, I’ve had a couple of breakdowns about after telling certain people but I think the realitity of it will hit me more before surgery and when I get my plan of treatment as at the moment I’m just waiting. I am.scared because of what happened to my mum but hers was found too late and alot has come along since then with treatments etc! I bought a few notebooks yesterday and going to start to write a journey diary and one for hospital appointments so I can keep notes so I dont forget bits… my family have been great, I’m quite a private person so haven’t told many people. I’m glad I found this site as i think the advice of others will help. X

Hi Queenbee,


I was also diagnosed on wednesday! I had a routine mammogram and it was picked up then. I flip between feeling really really scared to being thankful it was picked up and that I will have a plan of action and know what I am dealing with. Stay strong xx

Hi queen bee I’m totally with you on this one was diagnosed on the 15th March. I’m 38 with 2 small girls ( I feel it a lie that younger people don’t often get this) the amount I’ve heard of people in Their twenties and thirties is mad! I’m still awaiting more tests at the moment. I initially felt better after I was in clinic last week but now I feel I’m in limbo again awaiting more results. We can get through this. I’m here if u want xx

Hi queen bee , everyone Is right once you have your treatment plan you will feel a lot better I was diagnosed last march and finished last October , I went numb when told couldn’t hear a word the consultant was saying thank goodness my husband was there, went back to work in November , stay strong and you will get through it xx