Got diagnosis 2nd Sept.

OK, so got the diagnosis of breast cancer on Tuesday, a shock but not surprising after finding the lump and the pains. Waiting for the diagnosis I was struggling with, knowing I have it I feel calmer because something can be done. Feel an absolute wuss today. Popped into work briefly, saw my new class teacher, a few of the kids lasted 20 minutes - felt hot sick pained and still feel nauseous 90 minutes later. Thought I could take on the world this morning. There is so much I don’t know, won’t get biopsy results from node till next Tuesday, Monday I’ve my MRI, the 15th an op. Its all moving so quickly, which is a good thing. Guessing I’m feeling sick because I’m not as calm as I thought I was. This is just going to be one stinker of a rollercoaster!?!

Hi Jenni

so  sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

You are right it is a roller coaster…which will take you by surprise at times when you are least expecting it


Once you have your plan of care you can begin to get your head around the diagnosis. It is not an easy journey but you will get through it. This site and the lovely ladies on it, will give you lots of support and advice because we have all been through it or are going through it.

I hope your results bring the best news that they can.


Don’t be hard on yourself…

Best wishes Donna xx


It is a rollercoaster that’s for sure and everything goes at the speed of light. I am so pleased I found these forums.  The one thing that amazes me is that everyone’s journey through the treatment is different with regards to their reactions to all the drugs etc.

Ade xx

Hi JennieLou Sorry you are joining this club …seems things are happening pretty fast for you so that’s good. After the first few weeks like you I thought i was calmer and quite “together” …I was in the supermarket and pointing out to shoppers nearby to check the dates on yoghurts as they were up that day or the next. One woman gave me a withering look and said they say 27th SEPTEMBER and we are in August. I felt so embarrassed. Just be gentle on yourself that you’ve had a dreadful shock & need time to adjust. I work with difficult families and after diagnosis I was frightened when a parent gave me the usual half baked excuse why they couldn’t get up to look after their child that I would tell them to "Fe*k off I’m here & I ve got cancer! Suffice to say I’m staying off work til I’m physically AND mentally able to cope. Take each day as it comes Take care xx

Hi JennieLou


I am really feeling for you as when I was on the roller coaster a year ago it felt very odd and scarey.  Be very kind to yourself and don’t be surprised if your thoughts and feelings are all over the place. Once you know the plan of action you may feel more in control but make sure you have someone with you at appointments if you possibly can because they may remember more than you.


It is different for everyone but on this forum I have found just the thought of other women being there for me to be a comfort.

I hope you get some sleep tonight and over the weekend




Hi Jennie x me too has just be diagnosis with breast cancer on Wednesday via my first ever mama gram four weeks back so feel like u feel totally numb we will beat this lovely x x

Thank you everyone.


My husband has been with me since the start, his work are being fantastic. He’s got the afternoon off for MRI on Monday, all day Tuesday for lymph node biopsy results. The Dr’s have their big meeting on Friday, and my Cancer Care Nurse has said I can bob into the MacMillian Unit later and she’ll discuss it with me, I think I’ll ask a friend to go with me for that, as my op is definitely the 15th of Sept - so hubby will want to be with me for that.


I made the mistake of bobbing into my work yesterday I’m a support assistant in a special school (primary) and hadn’t seen them (kids and staff) as first day back was 2nd. Had a lovely chat with my Head, reminded me to get a sick note, hadn’t entered my brain to do that. I was allowed to go to class got some cuddles staff and kids alike, hadn’t a clue what to do - felt like I was a distraction and hinderance, lasted 20 minutes before a hot flush and nausea set in - guess that was just nerves. I’ve been told  I can bob in anytime if it me makes feel better and uplifted, maybe next time I’ll just go in at lunch and see staff.


Todays battle is to scream at my sons school, I literally was given a 2 minute audience with his Head of Year (he was meant to see me at 8.15, nope 9 and he had to rush off to do an assembly), OK that was 3rd Sept their first day back, Bugs just gone into Year 11. He came home yesterday in a foul mood, saying “I wish people would get it right”??? One of his teachers took him to one side yesterday asking how he was coping with me having chemo. I asked “didn’t you put her right”, but reply was that he was too angry he stormed out of the room (it was end of lesson) but he was so riled up he felt like hitting someone.


I am learning this all very quickly as WE all have, but why do people jump to conclusions like that straight away. Even better was although my son told me what had happened, my friend  (his best friends Mum) came flying down to tell me as her son was fuming that my son had been upset & was angry.


Sorry ranting…at which point I best go wake the Bug up.

Hi Diane and Jennielou, welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure the support will be a big help to you over the coming weeks and months

In addition, our helpliners are on hand 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays with further practical and emotional support so please feel free to call

Here’s a link to the newly diagnosed area of the site which you may find helpful:

Take care
Lucy BCC