Got my consultation with Racoon Hair Recovery!

Just thought i would post this as the kids are in the bath!

Going to see a RHR (Racoon hair Recovery) consultant tomorrow, to see about hair extensions.

I have nearly three inches of hair (i think) and would like some more! So thought i would register with the programme to see if anything could be done for me hair wise.

I know that if extensions can be done, i will be SO HAPPY! It will make me feel great and i might even forget how lob sided i still am in the chest dept!

Naz x

ooohhhh, good luck tomorrow and i will be waiting for your post to see how it went. Where do you go? Are they all over the country?


ps. my kids are going to bed dirty tonight, too tired to do it tonight!

Hi Naz

I’ll be really interested to hear how you get on. I’m going for an initial consultation at the beginning of November when hopefully tight curls will measure 3 inches!

Vickie - when the Hair in Recovery consultant rang me I was given 2 salons to choose from within 20 miles of my home - I live in a small town.

I think it’s early days yet because I have been into 2 local salons who do Raccoon extensions and they said they had been recently contacted about Hair in Recovery Extensions but hadn’t started the training yet.

Good Luck today Naz - is it the 15th today? - feeling bewildered as usual!

Hi Guys
Just back from my consultation.

Well, my hair is still too short for a full head of hair yet, so she has said that in 4-6 weeks, she will do a fringe for me to start with.
My hair is curly and i hate it! But a fringe is better than nothing!

The hairdresser was lovely, she knows exactly what she is doing, i just wish my hair was longer…

Naz x

I had a look at their website and wondered how they have managed to perfect a hair extension system for ladies who have suffered hair loss as a result of chemo.

Normal extensions seem to cause so much damage - my hairdresser has them done, but just recently she took a break from them for about 6 weeks. When she walked in front of me to show me to the basin I was shocked by the bald patches on the back of her scalp that were showing through her natural hair. Victoria Beckham also had this a few years ago when her extensions were pulling her hair out at the roots and the pics of Naomi Campbell’s hairline recently were shocking.

Surely if they can perfect a technique for people with damaged or a limited amount of hair, they can do it for those with healthy hair?

I hear what you are saying Cherub, and totally agree.

There was even an article in a magazine my mum told me about , saying exactly the same thing, that extensions could cause some serious damage.

I think the ones that Racoon recommend are very gentle on the hair, and are carefully woven into the natural hair.
Some of the normal extensions are glued in I think, so bound to cause damage long term.

You do need at least 3-4 inches of natural hair though, so I was not quite sure how some of the women who had a make over in London, managed to have the extensions so soon after taking off their wigs and scarves, unless they were growing their hair underneath?

hi naz
did they give you a clue on the cost of upkeep?
ive just had mine trimmed lol as i couldnt stand the clumps of curls on the neck line
never thought id have it cut again lol

Hiya, I went for a free consultation this evening. I finished chemotherapy in 2008, so my hair is quite long now. I did feel like a bit of a fraud - and I’m not sure I’m going to go ahead anyway - but I was given an estimate of about £250, including half a head of hair (£60), products (£40), and time (£50 per hour) and then monthly maintenance at £50. It was both more and less costly than I expected - the hair is really good value - but I want volume rather than length and as my hair is so fine it will need more hair and therefore more time too.

Obviously the price will vary from one person to the next but this might give you some indication of costs/upkeep.

As for having your hair cut, while I was really excited the first time I had it cut/styled, I seem to have developed a bit of a phobia since!


Hiya. I had racoon extensions put in back in april, i kept them in for twelve weeks and had no damage to my hair as they use a special resin. They gave me a real boost after all the treatment. I would definately recommend them.

hi, I would love know more about where to get these extensions. I live in Swansea - does anyone know a local hairdresser who would do this for a a reasional price? Any suggestions helfful!

I would also like to meet other women to talk to similar to myself - am 9 months on from my last Chemo session, am back at work, and am 46 years young.

The Trevor Sorbie “mynewhair” website has lots of info including a list of salons with specially trained staff. X

Go the racoon hair recovery programme website and register with them. They take some details and then find you a local salon which takes part in the scheme.

I went about five weeks ago, to see about extensions. I was told that i really needed 4 inches ( i had about 2.5) and they could do a fringe for me at the beginning of December.

Have since decided to stick with my own hair , as i cannot be bothered with the maintenance of the extensions, plus i think my onw hair is coming along okay…

All the best…


The Racoon Website has been down for a while, I tried to get on there but they are working on launching a new website by the look of it!

Bumpingfor gingerbud

Did anyone have the racoon extensions in the end/

I decided to give them a miss, as my nearest particiapting salon was over an hour away.

My hair is still a nightmare 15m ths on…curly and quite a pain!

Yes I had Racoon Hair extensions put in a few months ago just for a fringe as that was the bit that was taking forever to grow.Having them removed soon as hair has reached a decent length.If anyone is near Northampton I can recommend the lady I have.She is mobile too.

I had hair extensions put in with racoon last week. I am so happy. I had 4 inches of hair and now have 16 inches of long blonde hair. I had a 70 per cent discount with their Hair in Recovery programme. I feel I can start living again. I would really, really recommend them

Hi - Just wanted to bump this up and see if anyone out there has got these extensions - I think mine is still a bit short (about 1 inch!!) - but want to do soem research and look at my options!!


Sadie Xx

This is very interesting - I can see there is a salon not to far away from me. I don’t have any hair at the moment but this is something that I hadn’t even considered (until now).

With a 70% discount - sounds like a good deal.

Hopefully others will come along and post up more info regarding this - including prices please!

Prior to my diagnosis I was a Racoon hair extension devotee. They are good extensions, but pretty high maintenance with a significant amount of shedding. I think post treatment hair is quite weak so I would be careful with not so much the bonds but the weight of the hair. On the upside its a great way to have longer/thicker hair.Best of luck whatever you decide to do.