Got my date

Thank you everyone for replies Got my date today It’s 3rd August so really quick Will keep in touch x

Excellent news Peedles.  It’s a relief isn’t it.  I got my date on Wednesday, mine is the 1st.

Good luck

Michele xxx

Wow Michele, I’m so glad to hear about the radiotherapy flat situation otherwise it would be so stressful/expensive for you. How amazing is our NHS!! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some time staying elsewhere which might in some way mitigate the pain of the whole experience.


Ruth xx

Hi again Michele, 


Gosh I didn’t know all that about Jersey and, I assume, the other Channel Islands. And there was me thinking I was some great geography nerd! 


Anyway it does sound like the plans they have in place are very good. I am sure you will feel well enough to do some nice things while you are in the UK so treat some of it like a bizarre holiday that you would never have chosen. Lots of nice places within eacy reach of Southampton like Poole and Bournemouth and the New Forest. Poole was the first place my hubby and I had a little break in after the end of my treatment and was lovely. 


Ruth xx

Hi Michele. My other half’s family are from Jersey.  I know some of the family have been to Southampton during cancer treatment,  I understand that the Southampton flats are quite nice! 


Good luck with the treatment

Hi Michele. He is only half a bean, his mum is from Jersey, his dad is English.  I am not sure which half of him is jersey,  he would say he definitely has the family pot belly!

Jencat have you asked why they want to keep you in overnight ?They normally are happy for you to go home once you are properly recovered from anaesthetic .

Nothing worse than waiting to have the op -if only you could just arrive at 7.30 and go down to surgery once they had done all the checks !! Was a very long morning when I had my op but at least I went down before lunchtime some people had to wait til 4pm but were asked to come in at 7am!!!

Good luck ladies having your ops today !

I just don’t understand why they do that ,they must have a theatre list and know approx when you will be going down .Its just not fair to make you sit there all day !!!

It’s not fair when you are waiting for an anxiety provoking op is it ???

Glad it went well.

I would ask why ,always better to be home in your own bed !!Good luck .

Good luck ladies.Jencat ask for a clear explanation re staying in overnight ,have you other health issues ,had blood pressure issues ??? Make sure they explain.

Good luck ladys


Debbie x

Hi ladies how are you both been thinking of you xx

Good Luck JenCat and Peedles - hope you are doing OK today with your operations.  



I was glad to read Mygel2’s update and that the experience seemed mostly pretty good but I am sorry to hear about the difficulty with scar tissue from your biopsy.  I hope things are continuing to feel better for you now a couple of days on.


I am doing OK since Tuesday’s op and everything went as hoped.  I do feel so relieved knowing they have cut the cancer out. Now of course the wait for the results. Each wait has been hard - yet I am reflecting on the speed of things versus how it has felt since my recall letter arrived at the end of June.  Only just over a month yet at times it feels as if everything is happening in slow motion.  


Hi lady glad your op went okay and fingers crossed for your results x



Hope you are all doing well following your ops, remember to get plenty of rest and start doing your exercises the day after surgery xxx

Hi Michelle I think I’m putting posts somewhere else?? I did rreply in the middle of the night!! Just wish I could sleep xx Yes had 3 rd op yesterday so will have to wait 2 weeks for results It’s very sore I think it’s because it’s been the same place for 3 times now but have my painkillers which I’m taking regularly Thank you for remembering my op date x