Got my new oncologist appointment

So the previous oncologist, the one I saw on Monday and got really cross with, said she’d refer me on to another dr who deals with radiotherapy. She said she’d do it that day, but the nurse who called me this morning said the referral went in yesterday (Thursday). So I was expecting a letter in the post some time next week - but out of the blue this afternoon I got a call from the new dr’s secretary asking if I could come in on Monday to talk about my treatment plan. Damn right I can! :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, I am really scared about the radiotherapy, but just so relieved to know that things are moving forward again.


And I’m moisturising like I’ve never done in my life before!





Honestly compared to what you have already been through radiotherapy is easy, ok it is not a walk in the part because you have to go every week day for 3 or 4 weeks dependent on how many sessions you have, but doing what you do, making sure you drink plenty and listen to your body you will be fine.  The rads team really look after you and will keep an eye on things, giving you advise as you need it.


And as you say the great thing is that your treatment is moving forward, well done you for keeping on to them.


Sending you a hug



Helena xxx

Don’t be scared by the rads LinRowan - not everyone gets the “sunburn” or worse, nor the extreme fatigue - it is very individual. As I’m sure you’ll soon be sick of hearing from us all, drink LOADS of water - you’ll pee for England- and rest when you need to, but get a bit of fresh air and a walk every day too. I was surprised at how well it went for me, and kept wondering when the fatigue would set in. Oddly, I felt a bit tired a few weeks AFTER the rads, which i gather is normal,  and a little bit "flat"afterwards which I think was relief that all the appointments were over. Worst bit for me was the sheer tedium of flogging up to the hospital every day for 3 weeks and planning my whole life around the appointments, which were all at diferent times, and a couple had to be changed - boring. Drink, Drink, Drink…XXXX

Hi Lin,
As ever, its the prospect that is worse than the reality.
I found the rads experience was straightforward & oddly quite enjoyed it, others here have felt the same.
I remember one particularly relaxing session with a video of forest glades & waterfalls overhead with that old hit ‘Me & Mrs Jones’ playing on audio!
Anyway, its good the appointment came through so quickly.
ann x

Hi Lin,  as everyone says the radiotherapy is not that bad.  I only finished mine last Wednesday and I managed to work all the way through the three weeks.  I am a bit red and sore inside and out but it is manageable.  I did feel really tired Sunday afternoon, but have been ok so far.  Good Luck.  Alison xx

Thanks everyone,


I met the new doc yesterday and she was so different, very down-to-earth and straightforward, answered all my questions as clearly and succinctly as she could, made me feel very safe. Next stage is the planning and scanning session at the other hospital which should be in about 10 days.

She did surprise me by saying the surgeons would have left a titanium marker inside me - I didn’t know anything about that! Makes me feel like someone from a hollywood film; “All they need to do to track you is activate the scanning for the titanium marker…”

“Titanium marker? Where is it?”

“In your right boob, we can triangulate it by the little blue dots…”


This never happened to Jason Bourne and his buddies.






I thought the surgeon had taken the clip out but perhaps it is still there. Maybe I will find out when I have my first mammogram, if they can find it! When I had the guide wire inserted just before surgery it took ages because they struggled to find the clip on the ultrasound and on the mammogram.

Wow what’s this marker?