Got my op date 12 September

Actually booked myself in!! Mastectomy and node clearance. At least I dont have to wait for a pre op too. I had a MRI scan yesterday so go back for my results on the 6th. I’m not expecting too much news. Positive eh…
I was actually planning on returning to work that week after my WLE and SNB. K sara sara whatever will be will be.
Anyone else going in soon? Also should I buy a post op bra? Or one of these sleep bras? They seem very expensive from these posh websites. Any tips on best shop for them?
Thank you ladies
love Vanessa

Hi MummyV

I bought 2 maternity bras as they have no underwire in them and are naturally a bit more comfortable than your average bra… I had my mastectomies last Wednesday and I stsill haven’t been able to get them on yet due to the swelling from the reconstructions and lymph removal etc…

I think it all depends on your body and how well you heal - are you having reconstruction or not?

Hope it all goes well hun!!

Poannie xx

Thanks Poannie. No reconstruction for me yet as I need rads. I’m still surfing looking for the bras!! Friday nights used to be so exciting… I will have a new pair eventually though as at 37 I feel I want them back.
xx Vanessa


Im new to this, I have my op on the 12th where im having a mastectomy, my BCN said get a good sports bra, one that does up at the back like a normal bra you can get some fairly nice ones at M&S but they are so huge compared to normal bras?


Snap Lulou I’m on the 12th too… It will be good to compare notes eh. Went to M & S the other day, a huge store and they dont stock mastectomy bras any more, need to travel 10 miles more. Going to John Lewis at the weekend.
Apparently Asda do them?
Keep in touch Lulou.

Oh right I didnt know you could get specail mastectomy bras I was just told to get a good sports bra- surely its cheaper?

So lets compare notes then, wots happened to you?