Got my results

Hi folks, I met me consultant today and got the results of my lumpectomy and lymph node removal. The cancer was grade 3 which she said was an aggresive cancer, although it hadnt spread as it was caught in the very early status. It hadnt spread to my lymph node. To say I am relieved is an understatement. I am to meet my oncologist this Tuesday to go through my chemotherapy treatment plan and then the radiotherapy. I never thought I would be able to be happy again after the first diagnosis of cancer, but the thought of it having been caught early and it is now out of my body has left me feeling elated. I know there is still a fight ahead of me, but at least I can see light at the end of the tunnel now.

great news kelly, so pleased for you xx angie

Hi Kelly, you and I must have been having the exact same experience at the exact same time. I was there this morning and got exactly the same news as you and I am also going to the Oncologist on Tuesday. I know exactly what you mean about feeling happy, I never thought being told I was to get chemo would make me smile but I was just so pleased the lymph nodes were clear. I was told mine is triple negative, grade 3 aggressive but they are sure they have got it out. Hope all goes well for you with the chemo etc

Oh fantastic!! I logged on too see how you got on. What a relief x

Hi Kelly,
just got in from work and trip to Asda, so tuned in to see how you got on.
Your results are similar to mine, ie small, no nodes but grade 3.
Hi to Angela too.
You’ll both be able to compare notes on your journey.

You will get there and out the other side.
best wishes both.

Stella xx

that is good news all the best to you both & yes you’ll have each other going through the treatment at same time

All the best to you both
Mekala x

Hi guys,

Many thanks for all your best wishes. It is so kind of you all. To know so many people are looking out for you is a great support. The support from on here will help me get through the months to come. Once again many many thanks.


Hi so pleased you had some good news .I am ahead of you just had my first chemo 9 days ago .I know exactly how you feel mine was grade 3 but only 1.4cm 2.2 with margins of pre canc cells so caught early. No lymph node involvement and triple negative.
I thought no news would ever be good again but boy isnt it good when they say no spread and caught early. Good luck with your treatment and good luck to Stella and Angela 68 too .
Love Sharon xx

Kelly that is excellent news.
I also got good news today that mine hasnt spread to any of my lymph nodes - does make you feel a lot happier x

I too received my results today, a mirror copy of you ladies, not sure though when I will start my treatment. I am really nervous about the chemo, and this whole journey that I now find myself on, but having others to talk to, certainly makes the journey easier.
Will be following you all from now on.
Good luck to you all