Got Shingles now.....

Hi all,
Apologies in advance but I’m well and truly peed off! on top of everything else I now have Shingles, thought I’d been biten by something so left it and now its all over my left handside of my torso and belly, really annoying and like I said on top of everything else (I have secondaries on both lungs) this is the final straw. I’ve been really good for the past two years every single day I fresh juice green organic veg and fruit, I take a load of good quality supplements and thought I was winning and that my immune system was on top again, apparently not apparently its on the floor hence the reason why I got shingles. Sometimes I wonder why I’m bothering to fight and take all the treatments, why I just don’t let nature take its course, sorry everyone but I am really down and I believe its the shingles making me so low. Anyone else had shingles?? love to you all sarah xx


Oh you poor old thing! I haven’t had shingles but my husband got it just before our wedding! It must have been the thought of marrying me stressed him out!

I definitely think that it can come out as a stress reaction, and also carries with it a depression. Just what you needed right now! Do you have something to paint it with? I believe if you start treatment promptly you can reduce the severity and duration, although being a virus, its not really curable :frowning:

You have my every sympathy, and I do hope you will soon feel better. That’s just a miserable thing to have on top of everything else you are going through. It’s hardly surprising it is getting you down! :frowning:

You poor thing. I’ve had chicken pox as an adult and felt really really rough. There is a homeopathic remedy which helps with the itching/pain called rus Ox ? (pronounced rust ox) which apparently helps - might be woth a try

so sorry you have shingles. If you go to your GP tomorrow and get him to prescribe Acyclavir it should shorten its course.xx

Oh Sarah you poor thing :frowning: so sorry to hear that. I had shingles when I was 6 months pregnant with my third child - so painful I can well remember the waves of pain. Mine was on my right side … stomach. Needless to say the other two caught chickenpox as a result!
Have you seen your GP at all for some antiviral medication?
I so feel for you … sending mega hugs to you. So hope you feel better soon.
Lozza xx

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions ladies, I did go to see my GP this morning and they gave me some medication to take 5 times a day in water. I’ve had a very long soak in the bath and been watching chelsea flower show on the TV laid up on the sofa, thankfully my neck pain seems to be getting better. Haven’t taken any of the co-codamol yet but will take a couple before bed which will help to get a good nights sleep.
Lozzarooney1 is it the case that if someone hasn’t had chicken pox that they will catch it off of me with shingles?
Philomena.b yes they have given me Acyclavir
carolihne thanks for the tip about that rhus ox homeopathic treatment going to order some weleda cream.
Morwena A problem shared is a problem halved and sharing it with you all has made me feel a tad better in that I don’t feel so alone in my misery.
Thank you so much
Love and light Sarah xx

Hi Sarah
yes - you can catch chickenpox from shingles from direct contact. You’re infectious until the blisters have crusted and scabbed over.
Take care lovely xx

Get well soon, Sarah. Like we haven’t got enough on our plates…! xxx

Hi Sarah,

I’m so sorry to hear you have shingles. I got them after my first lot of chemo it’s really miserable. The medication really works and I felt a lot better when it started to get into my system. I was on the same medication as you and had to apply the cream five times a day real pain but worth it.
Wishing you very speedy recovery and hope you feel better in yourself soon, as this knocks the stuffing out of you. It’s no wonder you’re feeling down and depression is a common side effect. Take care of yourself and Chelsea flower show is brilliant; watched it last night.
Chris xxxx

Chris and Angelfalls, Thank youf or your kind words of wisdom and encouragement.
Chris - How are things with you?
I had a bad day on Tuesday but am up and about now co-codamol certainly works for knocking the pain out infact for knocking me out!!lol feel a bit spaced out and dizzy other than that doing ok.
Thinking of you all, sending lots of love and light sarah xx