Got the hair dye but....

I was dx in jan 04, since my hair came back I’ve kept it short and haven’t coloured it even though its quite grey at the front and dark brown other than that.

I bought a hair dye today, but don’t know if I want to dye it…the thought of roots coming through again etc., [coloured it pre dx] and then having to keep colouring it…ummmm just don’t know.

But then again maybe I’d feel better about myself if I did colour it.

Anyone else not coloured since hair coming back?
Anyone coloured since hair coming back?



I have ordered a vegetable based one from the health food shop but not got round to picking it up yet, the lady told me once it was made up I could keep it in the fridge and touch up the roots as and when needed. My hairdresser advised me against an ameonia based dye because the hair is so new.

Karen (snap)

Hi Karen

I would say my hair grew back in Feb this year. A couple of weeks ago I got it coloured for the very first time in my life. Its a semi permanent colour which means I wont have the roots to grow back. I absolutely love it and am going to be more adventurous next time. I went to my hairdresser for this and the colour is natural products and made my hair so soft, silky and shiny. And because I got a trainee to do it - it only cost the price of the dye £8 - bargain!!

I too am keeping my hair short - even tho it was never short in my life before!

Hugs to you

Naturetint from Holland and Bartlett is brilliant.Its completely natural, has none of those chemical ‘nasties’ in it ,comes in lots of different shades and covers grey completely.Four plus years post chemo and my hairs getting down to my waist now.I’ve been using Naturetint for three of those years and wish I’d discovered it sooner.My hair looks much better than in pre chemo days! I would recommend it to anyone.

Eight weeks after final blast of Tax and hair is sprinting back. It used to be black, but now it’s “Arctic Blonde” as a friend helpfully said the other day.

Gonna keep my crop for a while, though, I’ve decided I like the shape of my head. And ridiculously easy to look after. Hair dryer? What hair dryer?

Will leave decision on colour for a while also. One of the surgeons (who is of Iranian origin and has very dark hair) complimented on hair colour. As did a Kurdish friend recently. Blimey…maybe gentlemen prefer Arctic blondes!

L. x

My hair came back very white but hasnt stayed that colour - from what I can see of my roots it’s pretty much the same as it was pre chemo- dark brown with a scattering of grey!

I’ve been silver for a year now (was brunette before BC) and I don’t feel under pressure to colour it as it’s a nice shade and I just feel it’s different. My OH really likes it as well. I will probably eventually colour it when I want a new look, but it has to be because I’m bored with it, not because people think I should dye it (believe me, they are out there!)

Hi Karen

Like you I feel somewhat liberated from the dyeing

I love my silver/white streaks but sadly OH detests them …

too early for me to dye it but I am not going to - so far i am successfully painting the front with a Schwartzkopf root product (I just do my stripes) and it looks fine - it washes out every day and then I just paint again the next

will have to remember not to wear white in the rain!

i think the big question is whether the new colour suits you

in my ''umble opinion for anyone who has “had” their colours done - grey/whte is fine for Winter/ Summer but those who suit more yellowy tones Spring/ Autumn) would be better to dye it …

having said that I am winter and friends love my white streaks and OH hates them so I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder …

I wouldn’t be too hasty to dye it though - let us know!
love FB xx

Put the colour on this morning…and HATED it!!..went for colour I used to use which turned out soooo red…[non- permenant]…dashed into town and got a dark brown to slap on it…which has toned it down…but oh my god…never again…might get used to it i suppose…by the time its faded… aptly it lasts for up to 24 washes!!!

Oh dear! I like you was contemplating to dye or not to dye, as I am completely grey and was brunette before. Everyone loves the grey (salt and pepper) but at 41 I feel it’s very ageing. I’m going to investigate the Naturetint idea I think, ideally would like some different shades perhaps done with foils, but only 4 months after chemo and was told to wait 6! Hope it’s soon ok Karen, you might find other people like it!
Liz x

Oh Karen, poor you glad you managed to tone it down a bit you think the least we could expect after all our suffering is to get our own hair back LOL!! I bet everyone who sees it says how fab it looks.


… a bit lost for words here … how about some dark streaks …??? or dark glasses … ??? love FB xx

LOL !!!
well my friend came round and said ‘’ your hair looks really nice, never thought I’d see the day you coloured it again ‘’…told her ‘’ this is the first and last time ‘’…my gut feeling was not to do it…should of listened to it!!..oh well wash my hair everyday so only 24 days to go lol!!

karen x

Losing my hair was a very trumatic thing for me which really surprised me as I was never very self conscious before BC. As soon as it was long enough I had it dyed purple at the hairdressers using organic dye. It was only about 6 mm high!

Since then I go to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks and have a trim but a full colour. This is my treat to me for surviving BC and the 9 mths being baldy. Mine had grown back salt and pepper. I am keeping it much shorter than it was coz it’s now curly and I love it! I usually have it quite red too with crimson type red highlights. My natural colour was a boring brown, but as I am an art teacher, I can get away the bright red.

Look at it another way. It will keep growing and will eventually be back to how it was. I have never been one to get stressed over a bad haircut/colour and it is never permanent is it? It will wash or grow out (in most cases)


interesting to hear how you all think.
Naturtint. While it doesn’t have amonia, it does have some synthetic elements. But it seems better than the usual dyes.
Before bc I was a L’oreal Feria woman – expesso (wonderful rich brown with reddish highlights)
my natural color was jet black. but age and time have dictated I cannot go there
now my hair is growing in and its black with white fringes…salt and pepper
people tell me its nice
…then go color their own hair

what to do?
start a new me by letting it go and being natural
coloring my hair to give the illusion of NOT having white hair
not even going for youth…lol

wish there was a middle ground…a rinse perhaps to color but not stain

otherwise, I can see myself at the hairdressers regularly…I hear you Irene…

I used an organic hair dye with no nasties on my hair last week .It was about £6.20 from Sainsbury and comes in about 6 shades. Enough for 3 goes in the box with my pixie cut, as still on chemo but growing well on CMF. It is a runny dye and my mobile hairdresses said a bit tricky if on your own, be warned. It made it in great condition. The badger stripes are now darkbrown/ copper tinted and twinkly red where the white bits were. Everyone loves it and I look like I have so much hair with it being blocked in one main colour. I can’t believe how much hair I look like I have and put all head coverings away. The kids say I look normal again - wow is that a compliment??
Good luck, I would say dye it but use a safe product
Lily x


Emily still following in your footsteps almost, I have white with black fringes! ug!
I am the same age as you and have decided we are FAR too young to go down the au natural look!! LOL!!

Managed to have an eyebrow threading yesterday, amazing considering I didn`t have any eight weeks ago!

I also didnt escape the dreaded Rads burn, It is still terribly painful and the skin is really breaking up, but its over.

Lily, my hair is still too short to do much about it yet, but will probably takeyour advice and try the Sainsbury one,
I like the idea of having one main colour,in fact I might just do that today.
Take care,
Jan x

Nearly 4 wks since colouring and mine is beginnin to fade…a bit…thank goodness!!
I think as it was 4yrs since hair coming back and not being coloured in that time the change was too dramatic for me…!!
Glad some of you have had better experiances with colouring!

karen x