Got to decide what surgery I want and its so difficult...

I was diagnosed with DCIS intermediate grade 27mm tumour a short while ago. Saw my breast cancer surgeon today. Initially she was only going to talk to me about lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy (I’m hoping 5 days only) and expected me to sign the consent form right there.

I pressed and got other options. 

  1. lumpectomy with slight uplift and size reduction. Radiotherapy. (breasts would no longer be symmetrical). 

2). Lump removal and combined breast reduction on affected breast only (to get other healthy breast done I’d have to wait a year or go private).  Radiotherapy.

  1. masectomy (simple). Not sure on position re getting other breast done to match. Or radiotherapy. 

I’m edging towards breast reduction or masectomy. 

Bit scared of the recovery period on breast reduction combined with lump removal. What are peoples experience of this.?

Rsdiotherapy side effects are scary, especially the long term ones. 

My boobs are big enough to cause me problems at 34e/f. Neck, shoulder, back pain. Constant bra discomfort. Was considering consulting for private breast reduction before the cancer diagnosis. 


Any thoughts? 

Hugs to all. 


I’m 66yrs so that affects my outlook. 

Hi @Janxxx  

It’s so hard making these decisions isn’t it!? 

I also have DCIS but a large area (98mm) so didn’t have the option of a lumpectomy, just straight to mastectomy.  Not sure what I’d decide if I was in your situation. I’m similar size (32FF) so I’m having a DIEP reconstruction and reduction of my other breast to balance things out.  I’m pretty scared of the surgery to be honest, but it’s in a couple of weeks, so less time left to panic!  There is part of me looking forward to having smaller breasts and being able to have clothes that fit better etc, but the recovery is going to be tough. 

Would mastectomy and implants be an option? Depending where you’re referred you might get the option of a reduction on the other side. Quicker recovery and if histology ok (ie still DCIS) no radiotherapy?

It helped me a lot when my surgeon (it’s a plastic surgeon who does the DIEP) showed me before/after pictures. Felt there could be a positive outcome to all of this…

Hello all

And many many thanks for your input to help me make my mind up. 

I’ve made my decision and am going for combined lumpectomy and breast reduction on my right breast. The left breast will be untouched with a view to doing this later on the NHS, or self funded if need be. 

So I’ll be living with one breast several cup sizes larger than the other for several months at least. 

I feel much better having made my decision.

And I’m very pleased I pressed my surgeon to find out the other possibilities to lumpectomy and radiation (these were not  offered up front - they were assuming I’d just go with the lumpectomy.)

Best wishes to all.