GP said strong possibility you have breast cancer

Finding the wait till next Wednesday when I get the biopsy results really difficult now, feel like I’m currently on a never ending rollercoaster :frowning:
Do you think if they had found anything sinister they would have rang me by now?
Sorry just feeling extremely fed up with it all now!

Well results day tomorrow, fingers crossed I get some definitive answers x

Thanks Jo, I’m feel strangely calm about it all, I’m genuinely going with the expectation of a benign condition as my thoughts are if there was anything worse then they would of picked it up the first time. But then who knows! My appointment is at 9:15 so at least I don’t have to wait all day, I will let you know xx

Apologise for the incredibly late reply, things haven’t been to good. Unfortunately I had complications during surgery, I aspirated during the surgery and had to have help breathing and developed pneumonia so had to be admitted.
I woke up to find I had 3 incisions, 2 where fluid built up and 1 where they had taken a lump. I’ve been pretty poorly since I’ve been home so just wanted my bed!
I get my results on Wednesday so fingers crossed they get to the bottom of what is going on as I am feeling incredibly fed up ?

So the final, and defitive, answer is it is definitely not cancer which is great news! The relief is amazing. They still don’t know what is causing the lumps or the build up of fluid as every test is coming back as negative. The consultant still doesn’t have answers which is frustrating, and has said I will need more surgery. His exact words were “you will be seeing a lot more of me”.
Thank you guys so much for all the messages and kind words it really means the world to me. Looks like it’s not over yet, however I realise it could be a lot worse and I am exceptionally thankful xx

That’s fabulous news, so pleased for you Becs after all you’ve been through.
ann x

Lovely news to hear Becs! Was really hoping you would report back that all was well ? I know your still left wondering but it’s not cancer and that’s certainly something to celebrate! Xx 

Doctor should gave been more tactful , your partner is right to be angry and should speak up for you if you are too afraid. It may make that GP alter his way of dealing with patients and save someone the awful fear you are feeling. Some people who have never felt fear don’t understand it’s ramifications. Good luck.MaxiM1410

To be honest what happened with the gp seems a lifetime ago with everything that has happened since. Yes I agree I don’t think he should have said it but I am just thankful and grateful that it could of been worse. Set for more surgery in 3 weeks which hopefully will be the end of it all x