GP said strong possibility you have breast cancer

Not sure what to say as I’m worried sick at the minute and hoping for some advice. I found a lump in my breast the Wednesday night before Easter.

I rang the docs on the Thursday and due to the bank holiday weekend the earliest they could get me in was the Tuesday. Having not been able to enjoy the long weekend it was on the back of my mind due to a long family history of breast cancer.

When the gp saw me I was given a very thorough examination and his face changed as he examined me, as well as a lump, my nipple is inverted and he said there was a skin change. I have been referred on an urgent referral to a rapid assessment clinic, the words of the gp were “there is a strong possibility you have breast cancer”. 

Until that point I wasn’t too worried but hearing those words have made the wait for the appointment so hard. My partner is very angry that he said that, would he have said that if he wasn’t sure? I keep telling myself that he was only doing his job, but I’m now just working myself up!

HIyer Becs99,


I saw your post this morning, but for the love of whatever the bcc forum wouldn’t let me log on to post. Anyhow, here I am now. I am surprised your GP said that to be honest, but I have heard of others saying similar to patients and I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.


There seems to be no code of practice they follow about what they say to patients in that period of referall. Mine said ‘Let just do this to be sure, but hoepfully itll be nothing’, as it happened it was something. I’m not sure hearing the soothing words reduced my anxiety much though anyway, as I was still scared and going through all the possibilities and fears. So, what I’m saying is, although a GP can’t categorically know it IS cancer, as only a biopsy will show that, they would generally be wise to keep things more low key (in my opinion) Ultimately, I think it may not make a difference to how you’d be feeling  though and working yourself up in the wait for the appointment. In many ways I wish I had prepared myself more for the possibility it could be BC, as I spent two weeks trying to grasp onto the thoughts that it ‘would be nothing’ and so the shock was even greater when it was something that needed treating.


I am hugely hoping that you GP is very wrong, and you are able to find out a benign reason for the breast changes, THEN I would be totally furious with the GP. Hang around here and we will try and help you in the wait for the appointment, as we’ve all been where you are now at some stage, or are there currently. There is also a helpline number at the top of the forum, ring them if you feel you need advice or to chat with someone about your situation.


Charys x



Hi Charys,
Thank you so much for replying, I’m starting to get angry as to what he said, causing me sleepless nights, I hope he is wrong in what he said.
I think once the appt comes through I will feel better as at least I know I will be getting seen, I live in Wales and from I’ve seen they are not the greatest at seeing people within the 14 days as promised.
I’m sorry the diagnosis for you wasn’t good news, I hope the treatments are going well.
Honestly thank you for your reply it truly means a lot xx

Can anyone tell me if weekend days count in the urgent day referral? It’s been nearly 2 weeks now and I still don’t know when my apointment will be. I did ring the hospital yesterday who have confirmed they have received my referral, have noted that it is urgent but said they are waiting for more dates and times to be released.

I am going out my mind with worry and lack of sleep, all I can hear is the GP’s words going round and round :frowning:

Hello Becks, it is easy for someone to say don’t worry until you are told for sure but it is difficult. I had a lump 7 years ago and was given quick referral and went the the clinic within 2 weeks.


The consultant who saw me sent me for mammogram and also biopsy and afterwards said if 1 was nothing and 5 a definite cancer then he put me at a 4 and asked if I wanted to see the BC nurse.


I said no as until confirmed then in my mind it was nothing to worry about and I didn’t ( we are all different in how we react to news) as it turned out it was a lump of gristle and benign. So all was good.


Unfortunatley now during my first routine mammogram I was diagnosed with DCIS and have just come home from a masectomy. Caught very early so ‘pleased’ rather than upset.


Stay positive until you are told for sure, that is different to staying strong if you want to cry then ball your eyes out, but then get back to being positive, best of luck

Hi Becs

Not a nice situation to be in and similar happened to me except the doctor actually said she was referring me urgently for suspected breast cancer!  It was said loud & clear and I went into shock.  Couldn’t function.


The thing is there’s no getting away from it, you’ve found something that needs to be checked out apparently urgently.  The doctor has ensured that you understand there is an urgency to it and ensured that by doing this you’re proactive by chasing the hospital for your appointment.  No news like this is easy to take or easy to give no matter how it’s couched.  


I really feel for you and I think you’re more upset & angry about being in this situation and I’m sure that your OH is just angry and upset at the whole situation and really really worried about it.  It’s a horrible and stressful time.  The main thing is you get it checked out and go from there.


Hopefully it’ll be okay for you.


Take care & please let us know how you get on



So sorry this is taking so long.

I would keep chasing & tell them how stressed you are and can’t cope with it and push push push for them to see you asap.

Big hugs


Well the gp was WRONG!! I haven’t got cancer! I’ve got a massive infection that has caused the biggest abscess they have ever seen. They can’t believe I haven’t been climbing the walls in pain, they have taken out as much as they can for now, need to wait for test results on what they have taken out for the right prescription and then they want to see me again in a few weeks x

Hi Helena,
Thank you for the words, I was going to reply with once I’ve got over all the emotions I will speak to practice in regards to the gp, however I am now back at square one.
Having not received any antibiotics and being in pain and the lump returning, I have been trying to get in touch with the hospital for the last few days with no luck. Randomly the gp rang me today to see how I was doing, explained the situation, he logged in to the hospital records and it states it’s not an abscess and I don’t have an infection. He said he would rig the hospital to see what is going on, I have also had a letter for another appointment. So who knows what is going on!

The hospital said once they had tested what they had taken out I would receive the antibiotics within a week. Been trying to get in touch with the hospital since Thursday, it’s only because the gp rang me that I now know it’s not an infection.
I just don’t know what to do now.

Honestly Becs, what is going on?!
So sorry to hear you’re having all of this hassle. Hopefully your gp will get to the bottom of it & at least you’ve been sent another appointment.
ann x

Just a shame it’s not until the 16th so another 2 week wait!

Yes they told me when I was there last Sunday that it was an abscess. In fact after my mammogram the consultantant said everything was fine, hel’ll send me for an ultrasound but it will be a cyst and he wouldn’t need to see me again. He did see me after and was shocked that it wasn’t a cyst.
Anyway the hospital have rang and they want to see me 10:30 tomorrow. It was the nurse that rang, I did ask should I be worried and she “we don’t think so”. I honestly have no idea what is going on.

Goodness Becs, but at least you’re being seen promptly. Sending best wishes for tomorrow.
ann x

So I feel I have taken 1 step forward and 10 steps back :frowning: I saw the consultant today who said he was so surprised that it wasn’t an infection, he doesn’t know what it is. He sent me for another ultrasound and said he would see me in 2 weeks. I have had a core biopsy and they have taken samples from the lump and normal breast tissue.
So another 2 week wait.

Oh Becs, I do feel for you, this is turning into such a saga, which you can certainly do without.
Sending hugs & do come & off load whenever you need to.
ann x

Becs - I honestly don’t know what to say that will help. To actually have the consultant say he doesn’t know what it is at this point, must be incredibly difficult. You have had the most dreadful few weeks, a real roller coaster and it’s far from over isn’t it. All I can say is that now all the biopsies have been done that will surely provide the answer.


I feel really sorry for you right now - having had one diagnosis that was benign and now having to go through the worry of waiting again for results. This must be taking its toll on you mentally! (and your partner) Whatever is going on, it does sound very unusual in terms of how it is presenting, and I don’t think I’ve read a similar story to yours in the couple of years I’ve been on here. They will get to the bottom of it, and ultimately thats what you need to be done, however painful the waiting process is.


Do keep talking to us on here if you need to. X

Thank you xx I feel awful for posting so frequently as there are all of of you going through far worse than what I am.
Just want answers now x

That’s what we’re here for, Becs. I certainly didn’t go through this horrible uncertainty. Mine was picked up on screening, recall appointment on the mat on return from hols for the next day, biopsy results in one week & yes, it was an early bc, now 2 years down the line & all’s fine. So it was quite straightforward, really.
Thank god I went for that mammo.
They will get to the bottom of it, but as Charys says, I have not seen a similar experience here, so you’re perfectly entitled to feel the way you do.
ann x

Becs we are here to listen and help where we can , please don’t worry about upsetting anyone , as Charys says we are all a way down the line, I think I’m the old timer 3 years on! I certainly didn’t have to deal with what you are, My nerves were shredded as it was and my diagnosis and treatment were straight forward. 


They will get to the bottom of what’s going on and if it does turn out to be breast cancer you will in a strange way be glad they persisted with tests, hopefully this set of biopsies with be conclusive and you will be able to move forward, this time in limbo is just the worst but there is no escaping the wait so keep yourself as occupied as you can as it helps the time pass a bit quicker Xx Jo