GP - "strong possibility you have breast cancer"

Not sure what to say as I’m worried sick at the minute and hoping for some advice. I found a lump in my breast the Wednesday night before Easter.

I rang the docs on the Thursday and due to the bank holiday weekend the earliest they could get me in was the Tuesday. Having not been able to enjoy the long weekend it was on the back of my mind due to a long family history of breast cancer.

When the gp saw me I was given a very thorough examination and his face changed as he examined me, as well as a lump, my nipple is inverted and he said there was a skin change. I have been referred on an urgent referral to a rapid assessment clinic, the words of the gp were “there is a strong possibility you have breast cancer”. 

Until that point I wasn’t too worried but hearing those words have made the wait for the appointment so hard. My partner is very angry that he said that, would he have said that if he wasn’t sure? I keep telling myself that he was only doing his job, but I’m now just working myself up!

Hi Becs,
You’ve done all you can to get it seen to & at least the GP has done the referral. The GP can’t tell what it is by feeling it, only the breast clinic can give you an answer, but they’re not usually as blunt as that. I think I remember another lady here had a similar experience & it turned out not to be bc after all, mostly it’s not.
There’s nothing more you can do now. It can help with the wait to distract yourself, carry on as normal & avoid the internet, except for reputable sites like this one & to distract yourself.
Mostly all turns out to be well.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x

Hiya Becs, I’m sorry you find yourself here but welcome all the same ? Your Gp can make an educated guess by what’s he’s seeing and feeling be no he can’t be sure of what it is, only the clinic can tell you that.

We know how hard it is to wait but try not to second guess as it could be many things other than cancer, we have so many ladies come through the forum with all the classic breast cancer symptoms only to report back that they had the all clear. 


Try to keep busy and not let it consume you, not easy I know all too well but if you let it it will make an already stressful time so much worse , please come back and let us know how you get on X Jo 

Hi Jo,

Thank you for your reply, it means a lot. I’m keeping busy as me and my partner have our own business with 14 staff so there’s no choice! Just wish the gp hadn’t of said what he did as it’s definitely making the bit sleeping worse! Let’s hope the gp was wrong.

Think I will feel better once the appt comes through xx

Hi Charys,
Struggling a little bit to be honest but trying to keep busy, have planned my day tomorrow so that I’m not on my own to much and then will be back to work on Monday and try ringing the hospital again x