grade 1 will it come back?

I was diag in feb 2008 no lymph node involv and feel very humble when I read postings on this site. How likely will it come back? Should I feel grateful for my diag? I am post lumpectomy and Rads now on Tamoxifen.

Not good at the min as my sister was diagnose thru screening because of me and her c is grade 3 with lymph node involv and no symptoms not even a lump!

I hate this disease!!

Sorry to carry on so!! We are both under 50!!!

Love Kay

Kay i think its a case of you can never say never,all i do know is that i was dx with grade 1,6mm lump and just having 3weeks rads,plus arimidex tablets for 5yrs,
The specialist did however say that if you are going to get BC this is the one to get,remember after treatment they do keep a real good check on you.once my radiotherapy is finished thats it,Its had 3mths of my life and it ain’t having any more.I’m not saying I’m just going to forget I’ve had it,but I’m also not going to sit around worrying about it,because that won’t stop it coming back,and i also think stress is related to BC.So i’m just going to get on with my life,will still come on here because i’ve made some really lovely friends,hope i’ve helped ,they are just my feelings towards this b----y disease.all the very best xxxxEleanor

I would just say to take comfort in the fact it is grade 1 and small too. I am awaiting my results now and even though my initial diagnosis was grade 1 I have been told there could be higher grade cancer in there too. I had a mastectomy last Wednesday and am trying to deal with one thing at a time.

Hang on to the poitives and leave the negatives until they happen…

I was 16mm grade 1 with no lymph involvement - there was some spread to an intermammory node and eveidence of spread into the nerves close to the tumour … however I did the WLE/node sampling then rads (29 sessions) and tamoxifen for 5 years. Had a check-up with surgeon yesterday and eventually got round to asking about my chances - obviously they cannot say with any cancer of any grade that it will not come back, but he says that he would place me somewhere between 75-80% chance of 5 yrs time no re-occurance if we consider the node as positive - or if we consider no lymph nodes positive and ignore the intermammory one this places me at 80-85% chance of 5 yrs no re-occurance.

Like you I am humbled when I hear and see the struggles and suffering that others have compared to my relatively easy treatment.

I am sorry to hear about your sister, I hope her treatment goes well.


I dont think this makes any difference , as grade 1 and or stage one are “good” in this whole business. But stage 1 means less than 2cm and no nodes, and grade one means a less aggressive cancer.


Even grade 1 cancer can come back but it is seen as less of a risk than higher grades, and is likely to be slower growing. Someone told me she’d heard that grade 1 recurrences if they happen are about 15-16 years down the line, but I’ve heard that breast cancer is capricious and they grade cells mainly be eye so it’s going to be a bit of an inexact science.


Most grade 1 breast cancer has a very good prognosis. Accorrding to the adjuvant! prognostic guide a 40 year old woman with er+ bc, no nodes and tumour less than 1cm has a 97% chance of being alive in 10 years. Pretty good odds? Though of course the 3% is the nasty exception and we don’t have the figures after 10 years.

But in general grade 1 breast acncers do have good prognostic outlook.

Sorry to hear about you and your sister Kay.



I had Grade 1 and sentinal node involved according to the site with treatment of chemo rads and tamoxifen my chance of survival in 10 years are 94%, But think of it this way whats the odds of you getting killed in another way in 10 years so try not to dwell on % take one day at a time and enjoy it as if its your last best way to live the future will take care of itself