Grade 2, multi focal Invasive lobular cancer diagnosed October and awaiting mastectomy.

Its taken me a while to reach out for help but despite a loving husband  and daughters I feel very alone.The result of my sentinel node biopsy is being discussed in the MDT tomorrow and I would really like to know exactly what I am dealing with. Surgery is due on 31.12.18 but I seem to have been waiting around for a long time, found out on 18.10.18 and thought things would go quickly, am I just being unrealistic? The staff I have met have been lovely but the waiting is awful. 

Ganny Dagon


Hello and welcome to the forum we know it is not somewhere we would willingly want to you be but you will find loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here who know exactly what you are going through. 


The trouble is this period of waiting for surgery and getting your treatment plan is the worst but honestly once that is all in place it does get easier because you know what is going to happen and when.  Just take each day at a time and set yourself small achieveable milestones and try not to think too far ahead.


Just keep coming on here and there will always be someone who can help you.


Sending you lots of hugs


Helena xxx



Hi, I am sort of on the same time line as you, just a bit later with everything, diagnosed 2 weeks ago I know I will have to have a mastectomy, I asked for a transfer from the regional breast screening team to our local hospital’s breast clinic team (I had a lumpectomy and follow up radiotherapy in 2005 so with two new cancerous sites in the same breast I could work it out myself that I won’t be having another lumpectomy) and am now waiting for a date for a body and bone scan, new MDT meeting and then consultation with the new team and getting some questions cleared and treatment plan explained over the next few weeks, I have not had any discussion with anyone as yet what or whether reconstruction is a possibility or not.
My husband and our 3 grown up children are great and very supportive, they have their own questions and worries. I have told only very immediate family and very closest friends at the moment as I just can’t face questions I don’t have the answers to as yet, and until I have things straight in my own head and we are on the other side of the holidays.
What I did google though is ‘how to prepare for a mastectomy’ so I know I won’t be able to sleep on my usual side or lie on my tummy for a massage, that prompted me to book a night in a spa hotel with my husband next weekend for a dip in the pool and sittings in the sauna & jacuzzi with both my breasts still intact, followed by a back massage - this is my treat to myself. The waiting and not knowing is awful, I try to make plans for my recovery time rather than the next few weeks, I downloaded some music, researching for a break after the OP and what I might be able to do do then and try something I never get the time to do as I am working fulll time. It doesn’t mean I am any less scared or worried, it let’s me be in control over the immediate worries I am just not getting the answers to at the moment.
This is my strategy, I hope it will continue working for me as otherwise I’ll go nuts
Sending you hugs and good luck for your OP in Monday