Grade 3-4 on mammogram after lump found

Hi not sure if I’m posting in the right place sorry! Was just hoping for some advice/reassurance I think. I recently found a lump in my breast and went straight to the doctor…he referred me for a scan which I went for yesterday. He thought it was probably a cyst it blocked milk duct (currently breast feeding). Long story short ended up with a scan, mammogram and biopsy. The mammogram came back between 3-4 which apparently is suspicious so have to go back on Monday for biopsy results! The way they were talking to me made me feel like they knew it was cancer but just couldn’t say without the results…is this the most likely outcome with those results??


Hi Pinky

i think the numbers you are referring to will be the BI-rads…results of the mammogram.

if so , then number 3 means probably benign and number 4 means suspicious for malignancy…so the fact you are 3 to 4 could really mean nothing at all…but I know it’s really hard not to worry.

take good care x

Thank you Kit Kat…yeah that’s what I read too but it was just the way the were speaking to me made it sound like they knew it was but couldn’t say without getting the results…took me into a little room, talking about success rates of treatment, asked me to bring someone with me to next appointment etc…maybe I’m reading too much into it! Guess I’ll try and stay positive until we know for sure…thanks for replying x

Hi, I got a grade 4 on my ultrasound scan and nurse said that 1 was benign and 5 was cancerous. I’m waiting for my biopsy results on Thursday but I’ve been told it’s “highly probable” is the way she put it. Mine is less than 1cm so I’m hoping, if it is it’s easily fixed Did they say how big yours was? 

Just realised this was posted in 2020! If you read this let me know how you got on. Hope you’re well :slightly_smiling_face: