Grade 3 bc with c found in liver

Well my mums meeting was today after all the testing and her nodes came back clear but they’ve found its spread to her liver. Well are all devastated with the news as this is obviously not good news. They’ve said they want her to start chemotherapy asap and have put it through as urgent, she will also start herceptin for at least 12 months. They want her to have a ct scan after 3 chemo treatments to see if the tumors are responding and will then removing her tumor from her breast.

Has anyone here had this diagnosis? Her world has just collapsed and she’s petrified that the issues with the liver mean this is a lot worse.

Hi fergal_jay,


So sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis.



Hope chemo works well for her.


Tink x

Hi Jay, This is horrible news to get about your mother,however the treatment for this has advanced so much that she will do well.  Have faith in the medical team.  Sometimes being node negative makes us feel that the cancer has not spread however as your mum has found out it can travel blood vessels.  The main thing is that she has a cancer that can be treated and treated successfully.  Herceptin is a wonder drug and if that does not work there are other drugs which can be accessed.  Good luck for the future and give your mum my regards.  Be positive.

So sorry to hear this Jay. I too am worried for my mum being in similar situation esp being node positve already.
Due to my fears, the past few days I had been reading the secondary breast cancer forum on here and I had noticed that there is many women with liver and bone secondaries that are doing well on the treatment for years. I know this isn’t any consolation at the moment :frowning: but it’s maybe worth having a read to see that treatment can be successful for many years. Thinking of you xx