Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer confirmed on Thursday


I saw my consultant on Thursday last week and, got the results Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, just under 3cm, so now waiting for operation at the end of the month, followed by chemo and radio. 

I have been told it will be a lumpectomy and they have offered to do a lift of the other breast also.  At first I said, no , just deal with the cancer, but after taking some time out I have decided I do want it done.  Has anybody gone through this, or has decided not to have the lift done. Or have had the lift done at a later date? for some reason I got told that they dont like doing it after, due to the radio, im totally confused about that.  Any feedback will be great, thank you x

Hi Sarah, I had same option and just got the one with bc sorted, I’m still not level because I thought I’ll sort out later as just so focused on getting the bc out, I should have had the levelling up at same time, it’s all done in one op then, just wanted to post so you can make your decision on what’s right for you. It’s hard making decisions when you’ve just been diagnosed, do use the someone like me option on here too, that could also help with your decision on op. Hope this helps :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Sarah, 

One of the benefits of having the lift done at the same time is that cosmetic ops are obviously seen as less urgent when the surgeons need to deal with immediate cancer treatment. You might find yourself on a waiting list then get bumped if more urgent cases need the surgery time if you leave it until later. Not a decision I had to make but just what I heard from others going through treatment. Good luck with the decision. Xx

Hi Sarah50

ive just been reading through posts as I’ve been diagnosed the same as you. I’m due for surgery on 13th Aug lumpectomy and the consultant is doing a reduction same time. I think I’m only getting reduction on cancer breast (left) then going back for the other after treatment. I’d rather have all the Op at the same time But I’m going with what he’s said. I was wondering are you through surgery now and did you have the lift on both and how did you get on with ongoing treatment? I know it’s lots of questions but if I have to do chemo I’ll be lopsided for nearly a year . I hope  your staying positive and getting through this xx

I cannot help you with the lift. But I had BC 14 years ago and had a mastectomy, I wanted recon but couldn’t have it until after radio as the skin can sometimes break down. I also think it’s due to me having a lat dorsi flap, so they wouldn’t have wanted that to become infected as then I’d have been stuck. 

Unfortunately I have been to the breast clinic today and think I have it again in the other boob. If I had the choice back then (it wasn’t something I thought about) I would have had a double mastectomy, but thats me and hindsight is a wonderful thing (again its my personal choice and by no means is not what I’m telling you to do).

Good luck xx