Grade 3 tumor er+ her2+ lumpectomy

Hi there,

I was diagnosed on 31st July with 16mm Invasive IDC Grade 3 tumor ER+ and HER2+. I had a lumpectomy on Monday and now waiting for final results. Waiting for results is just the worst! Feeling really anxious. 

I’ve been feeling so tired and had a headache since surgery but my boob seems to be healing well. 

I was prescribed Letrozole on diagnosis as my operation was originally booked for the end of Sept but I managed to have the operation earlier via private healthcare. 

Just reaching out as feeling really overwhelmed and anxious. I’m 42yrs and no family history so it’s come as a shock.

Im not sure if ‘other‘ symptoms I’m having is because of Letrozole, BC, surgery or worry…

I went to the GP quite some time ago about the lump in my breast and he told me it was nothing to worry about. I’m now not sure if this is the same lump or something different. My mind is all over the place…

Just feeling the need to reach out xx


Hi Joannemaire,

I have no experience or knowledge of Letrozole, but if you search on here, or phone the nurse helpline and ask, I’m sure you’ll get some information about possible side effects.

I relate a lot to other things you mention. I have the same after effects from anaesthetic, I get a headache and feel tired for a few days after too. My diagnosis was also very unexpected, no family history either and I had been reassured quite confidently that my two lumps were nothing sinister, I had another less serious problem and they thought it was related to that.

I also agree that the waiting is awful  I try not to stress about it and do okay much of the time, but the anxiety and frustration does creep in and takeover at times, evenings are the worst for me. I’m currently waiting for my mastectomy, it feels like forever and is getting me down now so I think quite beneficial for you that you were able to bring your op date forward and considerably shorten your wait. Now to get through the days until your results and presumably the rest of your treatment plan? Be kind to yourself, treat yourself, keep yourself busy, whatever you can do to cope as you pass the time. 

There are no brilliant words of comfort during this time, I wish there was, but I can say you’re not alone, everyone on here completely gets it and shares or has in the past, shared all your worries so please keep posting if it helps. :bouquet:

Louise x

Hi joannemarie, sorry you find yourself here but well done for reaching out.  It’s a really tough time after diagnosis with lots of anxiety and lots of new information to take in.  It’s like landing on another planet.  Here is BCN information on Letrozole which you may find helpful (apologies for adding to your big pile of brochures) 
I take Tamoxifen and it took a little while for the side effects to settle down. I eat healthy and don’t drink (except for an occasional one) and keep fit by hiking lots.  These things have helped me to still feel great whilst on medication.  I had 8 rounds of chemo, surgery and radiotherapy back in 2017.  There are lots of us getting back on with life again after breast cancer so I hope this makes you feel a little less anxious.  I was 48 at diagnosis with no family history (except my paternal gran who got it in her late 70s but that doesn’t count as history apparently).  It’s a big shock and hard to accept this is happening to you but it gets easier.  If you’re sure that you’re HER2+ then you’ll probably also be on Herceptin.  Sending hugs. X