Grade 3

I am seeing the Oncologist on Thursday and having read some of the posts on here am starting to worry that he may recommend chemo. I was originally told my tumour was grade 1 but when it was removed it turned out to be grade 3. My Surgeon said I would have radiotherapy and probably Tamoxifen and in his opinion, chemo would probably only be of slight benefit, but it will be up to the Oncologist.

Also, does anyone know if it is grade 3 does this mean there is a greater chance of it coming back?



Hi Julie, mine was grade 3/2 and 1.8cm, didn’t need rads, or chemo, so very lucky just have tamoxifen

Alison xxxxxxxx

Julie, a grade 3 means the cells are dividing faster, there is a lot of information about it on this site, and others. lots of different thing s need to be taken into consideration as to whether it will come back, such as size of tumor, spread to axilla, oest positive or neg, her2+ or -, Julie treatments are getting better all the time, none of us know if we will get a recurrence or not, regardless of grade. take every treatment offered, stay strong and live long !

Thanks for your help. I know I just need to wait and see what the Oncologist says and am getting too far ahead of myself. I will wait for tomorrow!


Hi Julie,
How did it go with the oncologist on Thursday? My cancer jumped from a grade 1 to a grade 3 once the histology report came back after my first operation. It all seems very scary at the start but there will be a lot of people out there to help you through it. This forum is brill so don’t be afraid to use it if you are worried or just to need to have a whinge. We are all there for you,


Hi Julie

Hope you got on ok at the onc and the results were good. We are all here routing for you and as Diddly says, don’t be afraid to use this forum even for a good old scream.

Hope everything ok and let us know how you are.


Hi everyone

Thanks for your messages.

I gave an update last week under a new heading. The news was I will definitely have to take Tamoxifen and will need 4 weeks of radiotherapy, rather than 3 weeks, as originally told, due to it being a grade 3 tumour. I have a big decision to make though. Looking at all the stats re life expectancy, there is a small benefit from having chemo. The Oncologist explained all the stats, but he can’t tell me one way or the other what to do for the best and it has to be my decision. I have to go back on Thursday and let him know what I have decided. They have given me a load of info re chemo and the side effects. Apparently, in my situation, roughly half decide to have it and half not, but it is a very personal decision. My cancer is highly oestrogen positive, which means it will respond to Tamoxifen. My initial thoughts are not to have the chemo, as there is only a small benefit in terms of life expectancy beyond 10 years. I may regret it later, if it comes back, but you have to make a decision on the info you have at the time.

My husband and me have recently bought a house in Spain and the Oncologist says we are OK to go there for two weeks, so I will probably start with the radiotherapy when we get back, towards the end of September.


Hi Julie,
my tumour was grade 3 and oestrogen positive. I started my chemo almost a month ago and am hoping to have my 2nd dose this Friday if my blood count is ok. I am 43 years old ( 44 on Wednesday) had a mastectomy in June, have to have 6 doses of chemo followed by a month of radiotherapy.

As you say it is a personal decision and which ever course you decide to take we will all be here for you. have a great holiday in Spain, can you throw some sunshine our way?

in my thoughts and prayers


Hi Diddly

Thanks for the message. I will do my best re the sunshine. J